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Top 10 Winter Art Projects

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 14, 2011
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One of the top ten winter art projectsContributed by Korina Cornish, Top 10 Guru

Every holiday season, safety experts judiciously advise that you inspect old Christmas lights for exposed wires before festooning your house with them.

If your ornaments are older than your adult children, it’s probably high time that you revamp your decorations as well. With the following tips, you can give your home an artsy, handmade style.

Here are my top ten winter art projects:

10. Gingerbread house

One of the top ten winter art projects

Every family makes gingerbread, but only full-fledged artists make gingerbread houses. During the holidays, consider entering a contest for full-sized gingerbread houses for an event your family will never forget.

9. Snowflake origami

One of the top ten winter art projects

With a few sheets of origami paper, your family can decorate your tree in a unique and memorable way. Origami can be used to make snowflakes, angels, and even stars.

8. Painted snow

One of the top ten winter art projects

An easy craft for the younger children, just arm them with different food dye in spray bottles. Remember to take pictures of their creations quickly before the dye fades or the snowman falls.

7. Glass ornaments

One of the top ten winter art projects

If you have an eye for putting mosaics together, learning about glass crafts will definitely beguile the hours when you’re snowbound. If you can lay out the copper filaments in a sphere, you can easily fashion stained glass ornaments to decorate your tree or give to neighbors as gifts.

6. Mini Christmas town

One of the top ten winter art projects

Small-scaled Christmas scenes have been a traditional craft form since the turn of the century. If you have a dollhouse, deck it with miniature village Christmas decorations or small figurines. This year, try selecting pieces that create a model of your own home town—including shops, houses, and snow-covered cars. Don’t forget the model train set!

5. Snow globe

One of the top ten winter art projects

Building snow globes has been a fun craft for years, but this year, spice up the routine by building a sand globe to represent Christmas where no snow falls.

4. Snowman cookies

One of the top ten winter art projects

For the kids, decorating cookies is a simple and safe project that can while away dozens of school vacation hours. Dig out your favorite sugar cookie recipe, your cookie sheets, pre-heat the oven, and break out the sprinkles, cookie cutters, and peppermint. Don’t worry about perfection. Lopsided snowman still make for great eating.

3. Ice sculpting

One of the top ten winter art projects

Take an ice sculpting class at your nearby community college, and you’ll be overwhelming your neighbors in a few weeks. For outdoor ice sculpting, try fabricating a house for Santa Claus or a sleigh.

2. Quilting

One of the top ten winter art projects

If being creative in freezing temperatures isn’t precisely your cup of tea, quilting your holiday scenes might be your art form. Quilting clubs and classes abound in every state, but all you need to start is a set of quilting needles and some enthusiasm.

1. Window frosting

One of the top ten winter art projects

Ask any New Yorker about their favorite holiday scene, and the window dressings of Macy’s will always be mentioned. You can emulate their creations by frosting your windows, either freehand or with a stencil, and hanging ornaments on the inside of your windows. If you’re lucky enough to have bay windows, position a piece of plywood in the window nook, cover it wool, and set your own Macy’s-inspired theme!

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