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Top Ten Skincare Essentials for Teens

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 17, 2011
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One of the top ten skincare essentials for teensContributed by Cara Hartley, Top 10 Guru

Adolescence can be an exciting yet stressful time. The concerns of teens can range in magnitude from pop quizzes to teen pregnancy.

One thing that affects most teens is the quality of their skin. A blemish can rock the self-esteem of even the healthiest teen. With a little preparation and care teens can keep their skin healthy, clear and glowing, without spending loads of cash on fancy skin treatments.

Here are the items that I would put on a list of the top ten skincare essentials for teens:

10. Natural Astringent and Toner

One of the top ten skincare essentials for teens

A non-alcohol based, astringent that uses natural elements is key for teens with oily skin. Raging hormones are the usual culprit when it comes to greasy skin, and a good astringent can help soak up excess sebum. Skip the grocery-store versions that are filled with harsh chemical like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Your skin is too precious for that kind of chemical care.

Quality, gentle astringents can be used daily, but they can also have a drying effect. Dryness can be averted by discontinuing use for a day or two, and using a non-greasy moisturizer.

9. No touching

One of the top ten skincare essentials for teens

What your mother told you is true: keep your hands off your face! Long hours of listening to teachers drone can lead to drowsiness, causing teens to prop their chins in their hands, fighting the call of much-needed sleep. Ultra-magnifying hand mirrors are a great way to obsess over the smallest facial imperfections, as well as a great way to end up with a face marred from picking. No matter how tempting it may be, avoid picking at your skin, and sit up straight for goodness sake!

8. Clean bedding

One of the top ten skincare essentials for teens

An oft-forgotten cause of acne is also one of the simplest to avoid. School, homework, extracurricular activities and a never-ending social life can be overwhelming, making little things like clean laundry seem unimportant. However, sleeping on the same bedding night after night creates a vicious cycle, wherein the dirt and oil from the face comes off on the pillow, then reapplies to the face.

Washing sheets and pillow cases at least once a week can lead to cleaner, smoother skin. Organic bedding can be an effective solution for many teens.

7. Eat healthy

One of the top ten skincare essentials for teens

A healthy change in diet can lead to healthier skin. Fried foods, foods high in sugar and foods with a high dairy content may be linked to acne outbreaks. Eating more fruits and vegetables and more fiber aids digestion, improves the immune system, and reduces skin toxicity levels.

6. Hydration

One of the top ten skincare essentials for teens

Drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily is one of the best ways to improve complexion. Water flushes toxins and excess hormones out of the body and helps to balance hormones. It can be difficult for teens to get enough water, but an easy way to ensure adequate hydration is to replace all other drinks with water. Carrying a >reusable water bottle is a hip and environmentally-friendly way to stay hydrated.

5. Exercise

One of the top ten skincare essentials for teens

Exercise increases circulation and helps deliver nutrients to skin cells. Exercise also induces sweating, which helps to clear clogged pores. Teens should strive for at least thirty minutes of exercise per day, be it walking, jogging, lifting weights, riding bikes, swimming or yoga.

4. Moisturize

One of the top ten skincare essentials for teens

Even those with oily skin should moisturize on a daily basis. A fragrance free moisturizer with the words “oil-free” or “noncomedogenic” is essential for healthy, hydrated skin. Beginning a moisturizing regiment during adolescence is a routine that will be appreciated for years to come.

3. Relax

One of the top ten skincare essentials for teens

As most teens know, stress is a huge factor in breakouts. High stress levels can lead to inflammation, which along with hormones is one of the primary sources of acne. Deep breathing, taking a walk, starting a yoga practice, and living in the moment are all quick and easy methods of de-stressing.

2. Apply sunscreen

One of the top ten skincare essentials for teens

The punk rock band Social Distortion sums up the feelings of many youth with the lyrics “When I was young I was invincible, I found myself not thinking twice, I never thought about no future, it’s just a roll of the dice.” However invincible teens might feel, sunscreen is crucial for healthy skin. Sunscreen protects against sun damage that causes skin cancer, dries the skin and creates wrinkles. Teens should select a waterproof sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 and wear it daily to retain the most benefits.

1. Go Homeopathic

One of the top ten skincare essentials for teens

Using soap and water twice a day is just the start. Try a diligent regimen of a homepathic acne treatment that works for you, and stick with it. When it comes down to it, simple things, like washing and taking a supplement, are the easiest and most proactive ways to defend your skin from pesky pimples.


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