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Unique Ways to Share a Message

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

December 20, 2012
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ways to share a messageContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

When it comes to sharing messages, the way we do it is almost as important as the message itself. Philosopher Marshall McLuhan knew it when he coined the phrase “the medium is the message“. And author Nicholas Sparks knew it when he placed the message in the bottle in his best seller.

So what are the most unique ways to share a message? I’ve come up with ten that I think are really outside of the norm. No Facebook messages or e-mails here. The more important message in life deserve so much more.

10. Hire a billboard

top 10 unique ways to share a message billboard

If your bank account is flush and your message is one you don’t mind sharing with the whole town, you might want to consider renting a billboard. Expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $10,000 for a month of your personal message. Lots of wow factor, and your intended recipient will have a hard time missing it!

9. Shout it on a mountain

top 10 unique ways to share a message shout from mountain

A year or so ago, AT&T ran a Valentine’s Day campaign where users could submit their messages of love and a real person on a mountain would scream them out. Videos of messages were available, (although I doubt each and every shout-out was filmed) and could be shared with the lucky subject of the shout.

While that campaign may have ended, the method still has its value. Grab a video cam (or your smart phone), head up the nearest mountain and shout out your message. Then share the YouTube version with your beloved (or much hated, or whatever.) Hard on the vocal chords, possibly expensive if you have to hire a sherpa to carry your gear up the mountain, but definitely one of the most unique ways to share a message!

8. A message in AND on the bottle

top 10 unique ways to share a message custom water bottles

There’s nothing new about a message in a bottle. But how about putting the message ON the bottle, too? For a small fee, a company can create a custom water bottle label to share your message will everyone who reaches out for a refreshing sip. Add a picture, text, a date or the code to your spaceship’s hyperdrive. It’s up to you. Of course, you’ll have to buy quite a few bottles…but then again, all those labels together will definitely get your message across in a big way!

Oh, and just for good measure, slip another message into the bottle after you drink the water. Sometimes the old ways are worth trying, too.

7. Get your message into a movie

top 10 unique ways to share a percy app

How about inserting your message into a popular movie trailer? The free PercyFX app lets you do just that. Download the iPhone app, pick your movie clip from their library and insert your own message. VoilĂ ! A truly unique medium. (For your little ones, don’t miss their new PercyVites app that lets you create kids invites and more with popular PBS cartoon character Caillou.)

6. Needlepoint a picture

top 10 unique ways to share a message needlepoint

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. But I wonder how many a needlepointed picture is worth? The good news is you can find out with a custom needlepoint pattern from The Stitchery.

There’s no limit to the messages you could send with this! Send in that photo of your adorable pup, your divorce decree, or that first date photo of your beloved, and you’ll get a chart to to stitch your picture message in your choice of colors. Not recommended for urgent messages.

5. Pinwheels — lots and lots of pinwheels

top 10 unique ways to share a message pinwheels

Cover someone’s lawn with dozens (or hundreds) of pinwheels, each bearing one word of your message for a unique experience they’ll never forget. With colorful pinwheels available at the dollar store, or in bulk at most party supply stores, you can say a lot for not a lot of money. (Note…if pinwheels aren’t your style, pink plastic flamingos work, too!)

4. Wrap your message around chocolate

top 10 unique ways to share a message wrapped chocolate

Who could resist a message wrapped around chocolate? Yes, there are themed chocolate bar wrappers, like wedding, engagement and birthday. But you can also get a completely custom message on your chocolate bar, including a QR code to your website if your message is too long to fit on a wrapper.

3. Create a magazine cover

top 10 unique ways to share a message mock magazine cover

Why not use a magazine cover to share your message? BigHuge Labs lets you upload a photo and create a free layout that looks like a real magazine cover, without the hassle of fighting off the paparazzi. Choose a theme, add your headlines to tell the story, then share. High quality prints are inexpensive, so you can mail your creation … and the message it carries… to anyone.

2. Make your message charming

top 10 unique ways to share a message charms

Share your message in charms on a bracelet, and let the images tell the story. Pick items that tell the story — you can even add custom photo charms to make your message more personal.

A word of caution … keep your message short. You’ll want her to be able to actually wear the bracelet!

1. Make it in macaroni

top 10 unique ways to share a message macaroni

Remember back in elementary school when you would use macaroni to decorate your art work? Well, there’s nothing like the innocence of a childhood craft to add sweetness to your message. Use different shaped pasta to spell out your message.

Or try rice, nuts, candy or even loaves of French bread as your medium. Just tell mom I told you it was okay to play with your food this time.

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