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Ways to Personalize Your Music Listening Experience

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 27, 2014
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music listeningby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Gone are the days when a broken car stereo meant you had to listen to the same six songs on the radio.

Today an Internet connection gives you instant access to nearly every piece of music you could possible want.

These way to personalize your music listening experience will help make this very big world of tunes more manageable and most enjoyable.

10. Bring back the thrill

Bring back the thrill

Music lovers can hear the difference between speakers designed for the best sound compared to those made with style first in mind. Give your listening room an over hall with quality speakers including a digitally tuned subwoofer. You’ll hear voices more clearly and finally be able to appreciate those deep, rich bass notes.

9. An app for lyrics

An app for lyrics

The lyrics to your favorite song were written by someone else, probably someone you’ll never meet, but the more you listen the more they feel like yours. Enhance the personal experience by using an app that’ll show you the lyrics of songs you like. The sooner you know what they’re actually saying, the sooner you can sing along!

8. Headphones for your lifestyle

Headphones for your lifestyle

Plastic pods are fine, but serious music lovers should upgrade to high quality headphones. When taken care of properly, a good pair will long outlive your listening device. Choose a pair design to suit how you like to listen. There are wireless ones if you prefer listening while running or on the go and noise-canceling models for listening while commuting.

7. Dress up the MP3 player

Dress up the MP3 player

Cases for MP3 players are both decorative and necessary. They protect the pricey device should it fall and let’s face it these players are put through a lot. Choose one that reflects your style from your favorite color, an abstract pattern or a retro nod to cassettes or boomboxes.

6. Create your own station

Create your own station

Websites like Pandora and iTunes Radio allow you to create and stream a station based around a song or artist. Indicate which songs you like and dislike to customize the station to your preference. This is a good way to discover new music and remember forgotten favorites.

5. Make some tweaks

Make some tweaks

One of the best ways to personalize your music listening experience is to tweak it and continue tweaking it until it’s perrrrfect. This means taking a close look at everything, including the speaker wall mounts. They should tilt and swivel towards the listening area so the sound is beautifully crisp.

4. Go live or sound like it

Go live or sound like it

The thrill of seeing an artist or band you love play live is unlike anything, and it’s something you’ll always remember. The best part is the quality of concert sound when you’re not too close and not too far from the gigantic speakers. An app called Stage Pass layers sounds and effects over music that mirrors what you hear in different venues. Pull up a favorite song and a venue in some city you’d love to visit, and hear it in a whole new way.

3. Craft a playlist

Craft a playlist

One of the most fun ways to personalize your music listening experience is to spend some quality time in your digital music library. On your personal computer or Notebook, craft playlists to suit different moods and activities. Feeling nostalgic? Put together favorite bands from your youth, the ones you followed around that summer and saved every ticket stub for. Make a psyche-me-up list for going to the gym, which may range from Pink’s best pop to metal and Bon Jovi power ballads.

2. Crown yourself DJ

Crown yourself DJ

It’s nice to let a friend put on their favorite album every now and then, but don’t hand over the DJ crown so easily. Think about the hours ahead whether you’d prefer to choose the soundtrack or will be too distracted to appreciate it anyway.

1. Music cave

Music cave

If your idea of a perfect day involves some albums and a few uninterrupted hours of pure listening, splurge on one of the best sound systems for the home. Paint the room your favorite color and choose the most comfortable seat that exists. Voila! You have a music cave.

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