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Ways to Wear Necklaces

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 25, 2013
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wearing necklacesContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

As a guy, I don’t often wear a necklace, but I’ve purchased many as gifts, looked at even more around a vast assortment of necks and listened carefully when I’ve stood at the jewelry counter waiting patiently while holding my wife’s purse.

Necklaces are one of the few jewelry items that can be worn in multiple ways. These suggestions on ways to wear necklaces are some of my favorites.

10. Combine long and short

combine long and short

Combining long and short necklaces gives you a chance to wear many of your favorites at once in a way that can give an outfit depth. Look for contrasting styles rather than all of one metal or color so that each has a chance to complement your look.

9. Double, triple and more

Double, triple and more

Super-long necklaces aren’t meant to be used as jump ropes, so doubling or tripling them around your neck is both acceptable and recommended. Go concentric for a stylish look or vary the spaces between the loops for more casual attire.

8. Go simple with bold

Go simple with bold

A simple chain or one with a few small gems or baubles is perfect for bold and colorful tops because it’s subtlety will catch the eye as it travels across bold colors and patterns. To give a simple necklace a chance against a wildly colorful top, go with a choker that rests high on the neck.

7. Go bold with simple

bold simple

If you want your big, bright necklace to stand out, wear it with a simple top of solid subtle color. Go with a long necklace to add boldness to the outfit instead of being lost on your neck.

6. Use it as a diet aid

diet aid

A long necklace that hangs low on a top in a V shape will actually make you look slimmer.

5. Fill in a low-cut top

Fill in a low-cut top

Scoop necks, V-necks and other low-cut styles call attention to one asset but leave a big open space above it. Fill it in with a big necklace, being careful to go with a wide loop to avoid covering cleavage.

4. Forget the neck, wrap the waist instead

wear as belt

A great way to wear a necklace, especially one that’s extra-long, is around the waist as a decorative belt. You can adjust the length by hooking the clasp to a loop in the chain and letting the rest hang down.

3. Give a long neck a break

long neck choker

Those fortunate to have a long slim neck know that it’s a wonderful canvas for choker necklace. The choker will give the long neck a stylish pause on the way to the top of a blouse or sweater.

2. Trade a loop for a lariat


The lariat necklace, with a single strand dropping down from a small loop, is a stylish look for evening wear. The lariat works well with a straight neck to highlight the strand, whether it’s unadorned or has baubles hanging from it.

1. Add a pendant

pendants at Avianne & Co

A pendant on a looped necklace can have different effects depending on which loop you hang it from. On the shorter loop, it will draw attention to your neck and away from your waist. On the longer loop, it will make you look taller and thinner.

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