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Best of … what to hang on your walls

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 8, 2012
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A list of the best of what to hang on your wallsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

What you decide to hang on your walls can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home or office.

An artfully done tapestry or painting gives an entirely different impression than a beer can collage. Not that one is inherently better than the other mind you, just different.

Here are a few ideas to get you started; the best of what to hang on your walls.

New York Times Store

Sports memorabilia from the paper that covered it

A list of the best of what to hang on your walls

The perfect example of setting the tone; a sports themed picture, autographed photo of a sports hero or reproduction print of a famous moment in sports hanging on the wall is perfect for the den or game room. Or, in the case of my house, a prominently displayed Cheesehead in the living room. Either way, the tone is set.

If you need that perfect sports-related something, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place to find it than the New York Times Store. After all, the New York Times is the newspaper that was there, writing the stories and taking the photos throughout most of sports’ shining moments and deep disappointments. It only makes sense that they’re a great source for buying sports collectibles, too.


Say it, display it

A list of the best of what to hang on your walls

Okay, this is sort of cheating but within the spirit of the Best of list. Believe it or not, this is actually one of many digital art options you’ll find at Wall Words. Or if you need a little inspiration to get yourself going, a quick trip around the site will be a good use of your time. Actually, it may not be a quick trip; there are so many options of different quotes, art and photo enhancements you may find yourself sticking around a while.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Store

Stunning art prints

A list of the best of what to hang on your walls

As you might imagine, the question of what to hang on your walls becomes a lot easier to answer by visiting the online Metropolitan Museum of Art Store. There are options like this limited edition lithograph from artist Louisa Chase to reproductions of the classics, and all types of art in between.


Italian ceramics

A list of the best of what to hang on your walls

Though this may not be quite as cool as an Elvis plate, the Italian ceramics at Artistica are hand painted masterpieces. Unlike the impression the aforementioned Elvis plate makes on visitors, a Majolica Wall Plate oozes Mediterranean styles. Like this, but don’t love it? No worries, there are pages and pages of options among Artistica’s different styles and ceramic types.

Belle & June

Wall sconces

Functional, artistic and sets a wonderful tone for your living area, this is one of many pendant lights and wall sconces you’ll find at Belle & June. You already know lamps and other lighting don’t have to look utilitarian; they can and should add to your motif. So when it comes to what to hang on your walls, you may as well kill two or three birds with one stone.

Tapestry Catalogue

Textile elegance

A list of the best of what to hang on your walls

Believe it or not, this reproduction of Raffael’s Angels is actually a Belgian wall tapestry. They’ll even hook you up with tapestry rods and accessories to complete the classic look. Custom tapestries are worth checking out too. They’ll take your favorite picture of family, friends, pets; whatever, and you end up with a beautiful, high quality tapestry for your home or office.

Modern Digital Canvas

Art meets technology

A list of the best of what to hang on your walls

Another example of what living in the digital age can mean. This minimalist canvas from Modern Digital Canvas is an excellent example of how the pros can capture rich, deep color using 21st technology. I happen to love this one, but there are an almost limitless number to choose from. Still can’t find what you like? Shoot ‘em a picture and they’ll make you a customized canvas; 100% digital.

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