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Best of … what you need for a party

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 22, 2011
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One of the best of what you need for a partyContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

So you’ve decided that it is incumbent upon you to invite all the people, maybe hundreds of them, who have invited you to their home for a party in the past and it is way past time for you to reciprocate.

You’ve got to bite the bullet and entertain or otherwise you won’t have any friends left. Don’t be pessimistic. This can be fun and not a dreaded ordeal. Of course, you want to have a memorable party, not anything run-of-the-mill. Put your thinking cap on and get busy. Here is the best of what you need for a (successful) party:

Custom invitations

Start the excitement

A list of the best of what you need for a party

You need people. Unless you want to go door-to-door inviting your neighbors and friends (and family members, of course) the easier and more official way is to send out invitations. Design your own. Enthrall your audience with your clever party invitation so they don’t dare miss the event. Make promises (which you might not be able to keep but who cares?) Dazzle them with cryptic suggestions about what may (or may not) occur at your party. They will be there at the designated time, beating down your door step. There are so many choices in paper, fonts, decorations, styles that it may make your head spin — it’s going to fun figuring out what you want your invitation to say and how it ultimately looks.

Tables and more

Set up serving space

One of the best of what you need for a party

Head to Harriet Carter and checkout the portable salad bar that is one of the best entertaining inventions to come down the path in a long time. This inflatable salad bar can be moved around outside or inside for that matter. Just inflate, fill it with ice and you’re ready to feed your guests. This is the ideal serving station for picnics, tailgating and camp-outs, but you can use it with equal ease indoors. The salad bar is spacious and you can place a multitude of dishes, bottles, bowls and cans on the table. When you’re finished with it, deflate and store until you need it again.

Beverage dispenser

Simple serve-yourself

One of the best of what you need for a party

In addition to lots of (good) food you need something to dispense your beverages in. Check out a beverage dispenser that is easy to use and attractive. The spout is clog free and drip free and the large top makes it simple to refill.

Plenty of seating

Attractive folding chairs

One of the best of what you need for a party

Make sure you have enough seating for people to be comfortable. Standing guests are encouraged to mingle, but enough seating for at least those people who are eating is important. Opt for a classy and attractive option American Country Home Store that are lightweight, simple to set up and store and add a bit of French bistro pizazz to your party.

Contemporary music

Get them dancing

One of the best  what you need for a party

Top it all off with some great music blasting from your stereo. Encourage your guests to “cut the rug” (even if they’re dancing on the grass) with abandon. Cascio Interstate Drums & Percussion has a veritable array of great musical selections that appeal to people of all ages. A party gets all that much better when there is music and dancing.


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