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Best of … winter adventures

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 1, 2012
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One of the best of winter adventures Contributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

There are those who view the onset (or onslaught) of winter as nothing more than three to four months of cold, dreary days and nights.

For these folk, winter is a season to survive, not thrive.

For the rest of us, winter is a time to get out and explore; braving the mountains, snow and sometime harsh conditions to test our mettle. Or a snowball fight with the local citizenry. There are a lot of options, so let’s focus on the Best of winter adventures.


Communication is important

One of the best of winter adventures

Tearing up snowy, backwoods trails on your snowmobile certainly qualifies for a list of winter adventures. And as snowmobilers know you never go out without a buddy or two. It’s not hard getting lost out there, not to mention there’s way too much brandy for just one person to drink. Communicate up to a mile away with your riding mate with this Bluetooth headset from Dennis Kirk. They fit right on your helmet and take all of about 5 minutes to get up and running.

Skiing and snowboarding

Excellent equipment

One of the best of winter adventures

You knew we had to squeeze some skiing into our winter adventures; or snowboarding if you’re so inclined. I’m too set in my skiing ways to transition to a board, but they’re supposed to be a blast, when you’re not falling on your back end anyway. These are an example of some of ladies skis, but you will find a complete selection of snowboards too.

Sporting events

Get to the Super Bowl!

One of the best of winter adventures

This one may not have jumped to mind right away when you think about the best winter adventures, but for the football fan it probably wasn’t to far down the list. The first week in February, in the heart of winter, is the annual game; a day unlike any other. It’s not quite the holiest of holies, but we’re getting close. Yep, it’s Super Bowl Sunday so get you and your crew set up with everything you need. Tickets, hotel, transportation; the works.


Snow camo

One of the best of winter adventures

No, our list of winter adventures does not include a trip to the Himalayas in search of the elusive Yeti; though, that would be pretty cool. This is for our winter hunting friends. Elk, deer, bear; whatever you’re on the hunt for, with this Camo Snow Ghillie Suit you don’t just blend into the surroundings, you become the surroundings.


Escape the cold

One of the best of winter adventures

If you view winter as a time of discontent, your only recourse may be to escape; at least for a week on a floating buffet; I mean cruise, to Bermuda. Soaking up the rays whilst the family and friends are at home freezing their proverbial tails off has a certain appeal. If Bermuda isn’t your bag, not to worry, can get you on board ships heading in virtually any sunny direction you want.


Serious warming gear

One of the best of winter adventures

This may not look like much, but for those into hardcore winter adventures, you’ll appreciate it. A Thermo Lite Bivy Sack is perfect for the winter camper. Either by itself or used to cover your regular winter sleeping gear, this unassuming little bag will keep you toasty warm in the coldest of conditions. It’s water and wind resistant and made from some new wave, funky techno material no one’s ever heard of. But if you’re in the elements and your eyelashes are freezing, you’ll be glad some nerd in a lab invented this stuff.

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