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Exquisite gemstones and designer jewelry collections, from Samuels Jewelers..

What's Inside:
  • Wedding - When they first opened their doors in 1891, Samuels was known and revered as "The House of Lucky Wedding Rings." As the legend stated, if you bought your wedding ring from Samuels, you would be married forever. Not much has changed, and over a century later their shop, catalog and online jewelry store are still bringing luck to the contemporary bride and groom with an exquisite collection of engagement rings and wedding bands that will serve as a symbol of their everlasting bond. From diamond solitaires to three stone rings, men's wedding bands to complete wedding sets, you'll be sure to find the perfect ring at the perfect price, as well beautiful Promise rings and Anniversary bands to celebrate the moments before and after you say "I do".

  • Jewelry - In addition to featuring the ultimate bridal jewelry collection, Samuels Jewelers also brings you a superior selection of fine jewelry designed to commemorate any holiday, event or occasion. Shop by collection, by price or by piece from an all-encompassing designer cluster of sparkling rings, diamond stud earrings, delicate charm bracelets, gold and silver bangles and cuffs, polished pendant necklaces, and even more classic pieces.

  • Gemstones - Whether your birthstone is a Pearl or the Peridot, the Amethyst, Emerald or Aquamarine, you'll have access to a prized and precious collection of gemstone jewelry to honor every month. Explore their online jewelry store to find a calendar of gems, featuring a brilliant selection of rings, earrings and pendants that have been expertly set in striking sterling silver. From stunning strands of freshwater pearls to striking sapphire rings, you'll be sure to find an extraordinary treasure showcasing a flawless stone for every season.

  • Luxury Watches - Discover an exceptional and elegant selection of luxury watches for ladies and gentleman, featuring a collection of timepieces that are celebrated and admired for their exclusive design as well as their unparalleled craftsmanship. From Swiss made stainless steel watches for her to fine leather strapped styles and pocket watches for him, you'll find a striking selection of handsome options from Rotary and Dreyfuss, two of the most renowned brands in the watch industry.
For over 120 years, Samuels Jewelers has provided their customers with fine jewelry designs, designs that have been skillfully crafted and made to exacting standards.