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Marine Supply Store - Boating supplies and marine gear from Consumers Marine

Consumers Marine is the marine supply store that outfits all of your prized marine vessels with a hi-tech selection of electronics for navigation, communication, fishing, entertainment and safety. Shop the Consumers Marine catalog for the proper marine gear in order to make every voyage a success.

What's Inside:
  • Marine Supply Store - Whether you have a 20' foot center console or a 55' cruiser, you can always depend on Consumers Marine to bring you the marine gear and solutions that will meet the demands of any recreational or light commercial vessel. Shop the Consumers Marine catalog or their marine supply store online for everything from boating and marine accessories to weatherproof marine apparel, cabin supplies, marine safety equipment and more.

  • Consumers Marine Electronics - From marine electronics GPS devices to Multifunction Network Systems, the Consumers Marine supply store specializes in providing your boat with a cutting edge supply of electronics that will help you find your way and keep you entertained, all while keeping you safe. You'll find the leading GPS systems and accessories, plotters and sounders, electronic charting devices, radars, VHF radios, LCD televisions, autopilots and other breakthroughs in consumer marine electronics.

  • Marine Fishing Gear - Fishing or cruising, Consumers Marine equips your boat with everything a fisherman needs for luck reeling them in. Choose from an impressive selection of rods and reels, fishing knives, rod and tackle storage, marine safety equipment, cast nets, coolers, fishing seats, outriggers, downriggers, T-tops, electronic lures and more premium marine gear to have on hand during your next fishing trip.

  • Consumers Marine Safety Equipment - Feel safe during every excursion at sea with a collection of marine safety equipment essentials. Stock your boat with the proper marine safety gear for you and every passenger including life vests, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, life rafts, flares and signaling devices, fume detectors, alarms and more must-have marine survival gear featured in the Consumers Marine catalog.
The Consumers Marine supply store is the ultimate source for the offshore boater, featuring a wide selection of state of the art consumer marine electronics. From marine electronics GPS devices for on point navigation to VHF radios to keep you in touch while out on the water, the Consumers Marine catalog brings you the quality marine gear that every captain needs on deck.