Neal's Yard Remedies

Organic skin and hair care products and natural beauty remedies

Wander through Neal's Yard Remedies for natural beauty remedies and organic skin care products.

What's Inside:

Natural beauty remedies -- Let your natural loveliness shine through with Neal's Yard Remedies' line of herbal and plant extract-based cleansers, toners, scrubs and moisturizers. Each product is handmade in England with natural ingredients, like almond oil, jojoba oil and calendula extract for healthy, glowing skin.


Organic skincare -- From an invigorating honey and orange scrub to soothing lavender cleanser, treat your skin to the unsurpassed purity of 100% organic skin care products. Each of their organic and natural skin cleansers, scrubs and moisturizers is developed and tested in their own labs for effectiveness and quality.


Natural care for your hair -- Shiny, bouncy, healthy hair starts with the right shampoos and conditioners. Select the natural blends designed for your hair type, then deep condition your hair and scalp with their Rosemary and Cedarwood crème - another outstanding addition to their line of organic beauty products.


Herbal extracts and aromatherapy oils -- Make health and healing an interactive experience with pure herbal extracts and their aromatherapy supply collection. Work with your holistic or naturopathic healer to determine the best preparations for you, then let Neal's Yard Remedies' provide exactly what the doctor ordered for balanced, abundant health.


Natural and organic baby products -- Treat the most delicate skin on earth to the gentlest products. Make bath time extra special with organic baby soap, then massage tiny feet with organic baby oil. Enjoy the quiet bonding that comes from infant massage with extra-gentle, natural baby massage cream and oil.


Metrosexual skin care --

Men who care about their skin will appreciate Neal's Yard Remedies' attention to their unique skin care needs. Choose natural and organic herbal skin care products, including cleaners, shave soaps and moisturizers designed especially to pamper a man's skin and repair the damage from daily shaving.

Since 1981, Neal's Yard Remedies has been providing fine natural and organic skin and hair care choices for men and women. Their skin care, herbal extracts, aromatherapy and organic baby products allow you and your family to care for your body and your health the way nature intended.