Drs. Foster & Smith

Products for your pets selected by veterinarians. Trust Drs. Foster & Smith

For over 20 years pet owners have trusted Drs. Foster & Smith for quality pet care supplies selected by veterinarians. Each pet-specific catalog contains thousands of value-priced products personally selected by their veterinarians, as well as informative pet care articles to help pet owners provide the best care for their pets.

What's Inside:

Whether you need prescription pet medicine, a cat urine cleaner or cat urine eliminator, cozy dog apparel, food for pet snakes, dog accessories like a small dog collar or dog urine cleaner, or something from the doctors' own brands of vitamins and quality pet foods, you'll find it in a Drs. Foster & Smith catalog.

Popular pet supplies, pet feeders, cat urine eliminator and dog urine cleaner products, pet carrier bag options, pet supplies plus much more, are available from this trusted pet supply retailer. Visit their site to request any of these catalogs today: Dog, Cat, Bird, Fish & Aquarium, Reptile & Small Animal, or Pond/Backyard.