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Drs. Foster and Smith, a mail-order pet products catalog company, was founded by veterinarians in the early 1980s. It was also one of the forerunners in e-commerce when it began selling on its website in 1998. It was hugely successful and by 2003, was earning almost $70 million online, about 45% of its total sales. In 2001 about three years after, Petco began selling online. In early 2015 Petco bought Drs. Foster and Smith and kept expanding its online business.

Drs. Foster & Smith Quality Pet Care Supplies Catalog

Drs. Foster & Smith Quality Pet Care Supplies

Pet owners have trusted Drs. Foster & Smith for quality pet care supplies created and selected by veterinarians to promote and maintain the health of their pets. Drs. Foster & Smith products include everyday pet essentials such as grooming tools, skin, and coat care, and flea and tick prevention products, and first aid kits. Veterinary-focused pet health products including specialized pet food formulas to treat and maintain health. Nutritional supplements to maintain pet health, treat illness and chronic conditions. Drs. Foster & Smith products also include pet pain relief supplements and treatments are also available.

There are so many different types of pet supplies to choose from and Drs. Foster & Smith products have the advantage of being veterinary recommended. Known for their orthopedic pet beds Drs. Foster & Smith brand also offers an array of treat dispensers, cat & dog collars, and dog bed pads that help keep your dog or cat smelling fresh and clean, as well as pet food and treats that are perfect for your pet’s special diet needs. You can rest assured that Drs. Foster & Smith products were carefully selected by the veterinarians in your community and used by thousands of pet owners.

Drs. Foster & Smith Quality Pet Vitamins & Supplements

From Drs. Foster and Smith Extra Strength Lawn Guard Soft Chews for Dogs that will eliminate the damaging effects your pet’s waste can have on your lawn to the nutritional supplements that will help with your dogs’ health ailments Drs. Foster & Smith is a leader in pet health products. As one of the largest and most recognized brands in the pet supply industry, they are able to offer trusted pet nutrition supplements for dogs, cats, birds, and fish. The company offers everything that you could possibly need to keep your pet happy and healthy. As part of its family-focused, holistic approach, they strive to help people learn the basics of treating and caring for their pets, through nutrition and they help pet owners get the most out of their pets’ lives by providing only high-quality products.

The company has been committed to the aggressive development of new veterinary supplies for pets, and it is a trusted source of quality supplies for the veterinary community. Drs. Foster & Smith is a leader in the pet industry, and its products are sold in pet stores, general stores, and online retailers nationwide.

A Large Selection of Products for Every Pet

Drs Foster & Smith a Large Selection of Products for Every Pet

Dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, fish, and more. Drs Foster & Smith offered a pet-specific catalog for each species that contained thousands of value-priced products personally selected by their veterinarians to guarantee safe and effective solutions to all of your pet needs. The Drs Foster & Smith section on Petco’s website features exclusive collections of awesome products with the best value for money. Apart from finding professional top-quality products in the Drs Foster & Smith section, you will also get the chance to discover several informative pet care articles to help pet owners provide the best care for their pets.

There are so many different types of pet supplies that The Doctors Foster & Smith Catalog of pet care products offers exclusively for you. The company itself is known for its dedication and commitment to nurturing pets and creating many effective, essential, and up-to-date product lines that work best for your pets. Whether you need prescription pet medicine, a cat urine cleaner or cat urine eliminator, cozy dog apparel, food for pet snakes, dog accessories like a small dog collar or dog urine cleaner, or something from the doctors’ own brands of vitamins and quality pet foods, you’ll find it in a Drs. Foster & Smith catalog.

Drs Foster & Smith Pet Supplies Catalog

Drs Foster & Smith the Best in Pet Supplies Plus Much More

Drs Foster & Smith pet supplies feature the latest in a huge array of products for your pet needs. Their pet feeders, cat urine eliminator, and dog urine cleaner products are just a couple of offerings. They also have dozens of pet carrier bag options, in every shape and size. The best in pet supplies plus much more, are available from this trusted pet supply retailer. Visit Petco’s website to explore all the Drs Foster & Smith section to browse all of their products for Dog, Cat, Bird, Fish & Aquarium, Reptile & Small Animal, or backyard pond.

As you explore Drs Foster & Smith’s section on Petco’s official site, you will find out that it is a one-stop-shop for all your pet care needs and this is made easy with just a few clicks away! For more exciting offers and reliable products, visit them now.

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