Urinary incontinence products - incontinence care delivered to your door

For over two decades, HDIS has specialized in providing the highest quality of urinary incontinence products and supplies to those experiencing the loss of bladder control. HDIS has made it their goal to provide quality care for those challenges by offering convenient and affordable adult incontinence care products that are home delivered for your convenience and complete privacy.

What's Inside:
  • Urinary incontinence products - Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies provides you with the urinary incontinence products you need in order to face each day with confidence. Take advantage of a personalized delivery plan that makes it easy to receive your adult incontinence care products from the names you know and trust including Depend®, Attends®, Serenity® Reassure® and more popular brands and specialty products.

  • Female and male incontinence products - Find the right products that meet your specific needs whether you're male or female. Experience urinary incontinence products that are Just For Men with variety packs including Reassure® Guards created to meet a man's unique needs, disposable and undetectable compression pouches and boxer shorts, or adult incontinence products for her with belted and unbelted undergarments and panties designed for maximum absorbency.

  • Adult continence diapers - Enjoy the highest level of protection with adult incontinence products in a variety of sizes and absorbencies. Keep your skin dry and soft with secure protection, comfort layers, curved leg elastics and other features that help you feel your best all day long no matter where you are or what activity you're taking part in. If you don't require maximum protection, try Incontinence Pad and Pant Systems for moderate protection or urinary incontinence products including pantiliners for lighter coverage.

  • Protective underwear - Discover unmatched absorbency with urinary incontinence products designed for moderate to heavy protection. Avoid cumbersome buttons, straps and tapes with protective underwear that you can pull on and off like regular underwear for complete comfort and ease with figure hugging fits, tear away sides for easy removal and maximum protection against leaks, all in unique underwear designs that fit discreetly under your clothing. You'll also find reusable panties and briefs that are washable for extended use.
HDIS serves more customers every year with more and more people buying urinary incontinence products directly from HDIS than from anyone else in the nation. Featuring quality female and male incontinence products that are always in stock and delivered right to your doorstep in discreet, unmarked boxes, HDIS always specializes in understanding your needs.