Adoremus Books

Catholic books, music, movies and Catholic homeschooling curriculum

Let Adoremus Books make Catholic homeschooling a joy for you and your children. They have over 10,000 items in stock including dozens of Christian homeschool curriculum programs, plus books created for the Catholic homeschooler and the entire family.

What's Inside:

  • Seton homeschool and other leading Christian homeschool curriculum choices - Adoremus Books has gathered the best in Catholic home school programs, including Mother of Divine Grace, Our Lady of Victory and Seton home study curricula. From pre-K through high school, these programs are designed to provide the Catholic homeschool family with an exceptional academic program and full support for their religious faith.

  • Catholic books for the whole family - Browse their website for inspirational Catholic reading material for your family. With dozens of choices in bibles, and hundreds of books designed to inform and entertain, they’re a complete Catholic bookstore at your fingertips.

  • Books to use with your home school curriculum - Support and enrich your homeschool curriculum with hundreds of engaging books designed to teach everything from basic academic concepts to advanced thinking skills. Their materials cover every Catholic homeschooling subject, from math, science and religion to physical education, phonics and music.

  • School supplies and classroom materials - Order your school supplies from the same place you find your homeschooling materials. Choose binders, clips, chalkboards and more to stock your homeschool classroom in one easy step.

  • Catholic gifts - Bring the spirit of your faith into every aspect of your day with inspiring Catholic gifts. Select prayer cards, crucifixes, rosaries, religious medals, prayer books and more.

Infuse your Catholic homeschool experience with the essence of your faith. Let Adoremus Books make homeschooling a blessing for your whole family.