Balance - Gymnastics & Cheerleading by ARES

Bring it on with girls cheerleading uniforms and gymnastic clothes

Your gymnastics and cheering will wow the crowd in custom clothing that's sure to dazzle.

What's Inside:

  • Vault to new heights - Gymnasts and cheerleaders alike dazzle spectators with skills including perfect dismounts and vaulting through the air. Whichever athlete you are - or maybe you do both - you and your team deserve customized clothing to showcase your skills. With custom gymnastic clothes and cheerleading wear, you'll receive a standing ovation for your skills and your look.

  • Cheering with a new flare and a great price - Old school cheerleaders just did cheers. These days, cheerleading squads perform moves that are athletic feats - and practice accordingly. With cheer supplies like basic cheer t-shirts, you'll be able to keep your skills on point while still rocking a cool uniform look. And you don't have to empty your wallet for quality cheer clothes. Check out Soffe cheer shorts for only $5.69.

  • Go all out for tournaments - At tournaments, you've got to look your best. That means a big smile, perfect routines, and girls cheerleading uniforms that rock. Coordinate your team's cheerleading and dance uniforms for the whole season, with a wide variety of cheer shirts, skirts, accessories and hoodies that come in 17 colors worth cheer about!

  • Custom cheer camp outfits - Ares Sportswear provides unique cheer camp outfits for every day of the week. Show your team pride with custom designed cheerleading uniforms for children. Why wear the same girls cheerleading uniforms as other teams? Stand out! Enjoy the ease of designing your outfits online by editing embroidery and tackle twill templates. Even try handmade tie dyes on your outfits.

  • Live the life of a true gymnast - Gymnastic stars practice day in and day out, meaning they're always dressed for practice. With gymnastic pants and a matching gymnastics tshirt, you're always ready to go. Of course, having several means always being prepared for a day on the mats. Keep a full assortment of gymnastic clothes and you'll always be ready for practice.

  • Womenís Fit Apparel from American Apparel -Now featuring a collection of women's-fit apparel from the hip and trendy clothing line American Apparel that offers a showcase of fresh colors and flattering fits. Plus, enjoy the fact that American Apparel operates entirely in the United States to produce sweatshop-free clothes!

Balance - Gymnastics & Cheerleading by ARES makes ordering your gymnastic supplies and cheer supplies fun. Find cheerleading uniforms for children, and so much more!

Need screen-printing for T-shirts, sweats and shorts, and embroidery for polos and warm-ups? Ares Sportswear has tons of designs templates for all sports that are easily customized with your school's colors, school mascot, team name and numbers with no setup fees for screen-printing. Itís simple using the design editor at Shop by designs and then choose your garment. Or, choose your garment and then begin designing it.

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