LAX Action - Lacrosse & Field Hockey by ARES

Top quality field hockey and lacrosse apparel - from shirts to jerseys

Score one for your team with field hockey uniforms, lacrosse shirts and other sports apparel designed just for you or your team.

What's Inside:

  • Customized lacrosse jerseys - It's easy to look good on the field with polyester jerseys that work keeping moisture away while you play hard. Pick your team colors, and then have fun customizing your team's lacrosse jerseys however you like. Prefer cotton? Make a lacrosse shirt using design templates that can be changed to your specifications and screen-print individual names.

  • Additional lacrosse apparel - Lacrosse players tend to be fanatics about the sport. Show enthusiasm every day with lacrosse clothing designed for off the field. Choose from 17 colors of hoodies all at the same awesome price, lacrosse t shirts, and micro poly jackets to keep you warm when you're just relaxing. Lacrosse apparel can also be personalized for full teams.

  • Field hockey apparel for girls field hockey - Create field hockey uniforms from mix and match separates, many with antimicrobial properties that keep you fresh. If you love American Apparel, score some of the new women's fit apparel that will fit you to a tee in a brilliant selection of colors. These all-season fabrics are good for in or outdoor play.

  • Easy to design lacrosse clothing - Customizing your lacrosse jersey is easy, but you can also create your team's entire uniform. You won't just find lacrosse shirts and jerseys, but a good selection of lacrosse shorts and skirts that allow you to design your team's unique uniform, plus no minimums when you use ARES vinyl kits for printing.

  • Accessories for both field hockey and lacrosse - The uniform isn't complete until all the little accessories are included. They carry additional items that completely fills your needs, including customizable backpacks to carry small field hockey equipment or lacrosse gear, and more.

Customizing your own field hockey or lacrosse jersey or full uniform is easy with LAX Action and The Scoop catalog with zero added fees for screen-printing.

Ares Sportswear specializes in screen-printing and embroidery. In general, screen-printing designs are used on T-shirts, sweats and shorts; embroidery designs are used on polos and warm-ups. Ares has tons of designs templates for every sport that are easily customized with your school's colors, mascot, team name and numbers. Itís simple using the design editor at You can shop by design and then pick your garment or vice versa.