Easton Press - Leather-Bound Books

The best books ever written, in their most luxurious editions, from America's leading publisher of fine leather-bound books

Enhance your home with the most beautiful books on your shelves. Take advantage of the special opportunity below to sample a genuine Easton Press leather-bound volume, the standard of excellence in fine books, for less than the price of a paperback.

    Whether you're a fan of classic literature, a history buff, an art lover or sports enthusiast, Easton Press provides a wide selection of titles sure to include your favorite.

    Here's a sampling of their most popular offerings:

  • The Greatest Books Ever Written - Why is Easton Press offering Huckleberry Finn, one of the world's best books ever written, bound in genuine leather and accented with precious 22kt gold at such an incredibly low price? The reason is simple and good business, they know that owning a book this beautiful is enough to convince most people to purchase additional titles: Treasure Island, The Three Musketeers, A Tale of Two Cities and more, from The Greatest Books Ever Written. Try Huckleberry Finn for just $5.95, a savings of $34 off the regular price, with no commitment and no obligation and bring the beauty of leather-bound books into your home today!

  • Deluxe Limited Editions - These special and exclusive publishing events re-create treasured works from the past in hand-numbered limited editions designed to be centerpieces of your permanent collection. Previous editions have included the original King James Bible from 1611 and the legendary Works of Chaucer from the Kelmscott Press. These editions have now sold out and are available only from resellers at premiums far above their original selling price. New editions are now available and more are in the works.

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