Columbia House DVD Club

The best new releases on DVD from Columbia House DVD Movie Club

Columbia House DVD club fills your home theater with the bestselling movies and hit new DVD releases as soon as they leave the big screen.

  • New releases on DVD - If you didn't make it to the movie theatre in time to see the newest hit blockbuster, don't sweat it! Just walk on through Columbia House's door and order all of the new DVD releases you've been dying to see.

    What's Inside:
    Columbia House provides the movies, you provide the popcorn.

  • 5 DVDs for 49c Each with Membership - You've always thought about joining a DVD movie club, so what are you waiting for? Who wants to rent? Enjoy a private screening in the comfort of your own home without having to return them! Watch your film favorites over and over again reliving every great moment. Here's the deal- Join now and get 5 choice Columbia House DVDs for 49 cents each, that's right, 49 cents each! Take advantage of the bonus offer: choose a 6th selection for $14.95 and get Free Shipping on this order! You can also take a 7th selection at $9.95. That's cheaper than any retail DVD store! Are you still waiting now?

  • Over 9,500 titles to choose from - You all want new releases on DVD, but you want a romantic comedy, he wants a drama, the kids want a cartoon. Featuring a little something for everyone, Columbia House has a huge collection of family themed movie favorites for kids, sci-fi, romance or suspense favorites. Choose from:

    • Action/Adventure
    • Anime
    • Comedy
    • Drama
    • Family
    • Fitness
    • Independent
    • Sci-fi/Fantasy and more!

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