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Top early childhood education resources - Books, educational activities and curriculum for early learners

Early Childhood by School Specialty prepares young learners with early childhood education resources for Pre K to 2nd grade students.

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What's Inside:

Early childhood education resources - Early Childhood by School Specialty supports educators with their extensive selection of early childhood education resources for infants, toddlers and Pre-K to 2nd grade students. Find all of the products you've come to know and trust, from basic school supplies to early childhood education curriculum based solutions, developmental toys and learning sets, Literacy Board books, engaging activities, props, manipulatives and just-their-size classroom furnishings that will create a cozy and comfy early childhood retreat.


Early childhood toys - Fill your classroom with a variety of fun and functional early childhood development toys from play pens, play mats and bouncers for younger students, to building blocks, puzzles, active play toys, plush stuffed animals, dolls and exhilarating ride-on toys and trikes for your most adventurous early learners. Whether your classroom needs new playground equipment, push toys, scooters, arts and crafts supplies or other early childhood activities that will engage and excite your class members, you'll find all of your playroom essentials featured in School Specialty's Early Childhood education catalog.


Dramatic play products - Allow your youngsters to unleash their creativity with dramatic play products that will encourage them to play together while making new discoveries about the world around them. Keep them captivated for hours with dollhouses and doll furniture, role play furniture including play pretend kitchens and play food, puppets, costumes, housecleaning sets, tool workshops and more early childhood development products that will help them learn and exercise their imaginations while socializing with new playmates.


Multisensory play products - Help your early childhood learners experience new discoveries with multisensory play items that engage all of their senses. They'll love listening to and learning the lyrics to sing-along CDs, mastering their abc's with their favorite read-a-long books and playing musical instruments and other sound producing toys that they can see, touch and hear. School Specialty also features a collection of Literacy Bags, Discovery Packages and Book Kits available in convenient pre-packaged sets that include books, toys, teaching ideas and manipulatives to supplement your early childhood education curriculum while providing a true multisensory experience.

It is never too early for infants and children to begin developing essential learning skills. Early Childhood by School Specialty brings teachers, educators and parents an unparalleled selection of high-quality educational products from early childhood education resources to activities, books, curriculum and toys that have been designed to help you and your early learners succeed while keeping them happy, comfortable, safe and thoroughly entertained.