Garden Artisans

Classic garden decor and architectural features for your yard

Gardening isn't just a way to turn plain into pretty. It feeds the soul, nourishes our love for beauty and our urge to create. Our gardens are our own pieces of paradise. Create your own paradise.

What's Inside:
  • An arbor and trellises to define the space within your garden
  • Dramatic metal outdoor sculpture
  • Decorative vases, urns, and planters to house your flowers, herbs or foliage
  • Invite nature back into your yard when you buy butterfly houses and buy birdhouses online
  • Create a mood with a selection of garden decor, art and sculpture throughout your property
Garden Artisans’ collections of garden decor items, from an arbor and trellises to outdoor metal sculptures, are carefully crafted by artists who take immense pride in the items they produce. Taking pride in their art means their artists stand behind their work and want you to receive the utmost joy from their creations, whether you choose to buy metal outdoor sculpture, a gazebo or just buy birdhouses online from them.

Using quality materials, their artisans create garden art that is solidly constructed and meant to give years of service in your garden, yard or home. Begin to make your yard a garden today. From just one arbor with a trellis, designs for great gardens are born.