Real Health Laboratories

Experience good health with supplements for vision, joint pain and memory enhancement

Scientifically formulated natural supplements designed specifically for what ails you.

What's Inside:
  • Better vision supplements - Support your precious eyesight with Real Health's vision supplement. Like their prostate and joint supplements, they include a carefully selected blend of vitamins, herbs and other nutrients to support your health the natural way.

  • Supplements for joint support - Maintaining flexibility and healthy joint function is easier with Real Health's natural joint supplements with a unique combination of herbs, minerals and vitamins. For joint pain and muscle ache relief on the spot, try their StopPain topical treatment.

  • Memory enhancement supplements - According to the leading health and wellness websites, Ginko Biloba is the most effective of the popular memory herbs. Real Health's memory enhancement supplements combine Ginko with other effective ingredients to maximize your memory and focus in a way no single-ingredient supplement can match.

  • Support for men's prostate health - In 1994, Real Health started with a formula designed to address the number one men's health concern…the prostate. Herbs, vitamins and minerals in their exclusive formulas work together to protect men from many of the prostate issues that come with age. Choose the original formula, or their newest CX supplement.

  • Sexual vitality - Overcome the effects of age, stress and fatigue and enjoy a healthy and vibrant sexual life with their men's and women's sexual health supplements. Unlike many other sexual health formulas, theirs are backed by science research and four U.S. patents.

  • Low carb support - Protect your health on a low carb diet with supplements designed especially for your body's unique nutritional needs,

  • Books for better health - Learn about ways to maintain and improve your health with their carefully selected books designed to teach you how to prevent illness and promote maximum vitality in all aspects of your life.

Since 1994, Real Health Labs has been providing healthy supplements and alternative remedies to let you take charge of your health.