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Improve your home and lifestyle with inventive storage ideas and solutions. You'll find custom and pre-made home interior shelves, shoe storage ideas, kitchen pantry storage solutions, unique garage storage ideas, and a variety of useful products like crates and bins. It's everything you need to organize your life.

  • Home interior shelves - Transform your cluttered room into a brilliant space and improve your lifestyle with custom closet plans from this extensive organized living store.

    What's Inside:
    Choose from a selection of closet designs including beautiful wood closet shelves, premade closet storage solutions, useful organizers, ideas and more.

  • Kitchen pantry storage - Create more space in your kitchen with useful spice racks and storage ideas, helpful kitchen counter organizers, under cabinet storage and accessories and much, much more!

  • Garage storage ideas and solutions - Turn your garage into the workspace you always wanted and organize the clutter. Find metal and wood garage shelves to put your tools and other items, or create more space and store your clutter using their garage storage shelves. There's plenty to do, so get organized.

  • Custom closet designs - Every home is different, and Organized Living knows this. They offer a center where you can create your own custom closet shelving. It's a unique helpful feature that allows anyone to organize their life and improve their home.

  • Laundry room storage ideas - Your laundry room can be a useful storage area and these laundry room organizers are the perfect solution. Their premade shelves are the perfect fit, or browse the site to get a few more laundry room ideas and create the perfect solution yourself.

  • Kids storage ideas - Solve your storage needs with unique ideas for your kids! Store toys, clothes and much more with help from Organized Living.

This online store is a great place for the do-it-yourselfer, with all the storage solutions and ideas you need to improve your home and lifestyle.