The pandemic has caused most of us to replace our stylish pants and dresses with comfortable sweatpants and hoodies. Due to the unpredictability of the virus, we don’t know when we’d be forced to quarantine again. In fact, some countries are still in quarantine, while others are going through a second wave. Therefore, it’s likely we aren’t ready to let go of our comfortable clothing any time soon. 

However, it is still important to have a closet with a reliable foundation of clothes and accessories. Not only will this make it easier to transition into normal everyday life once the quarantine is gone for good, but it will also help you maintain your work-from-home routine. 

Fashion trends come and go, but some wardrobe essentials are timeless. Keeping both of these in mind, here are a few things that you need in your closet as we begin another year. 

1. The Comfortable Jeans

If there’s one great thing that came out of this quarantine is that people have finally realized that skinny jeans overstayed their welcome a long time ago. Because really, who wants to sit at home wearing those tight and uncomfortable pieces of denim? Opting for high-rise, distressed and straight-leg styles of jeans is not only more comfortable but is also becoming more stylish as people start to go out of their houses again. Denim specialists such as Paige, Agolde, and Levi’s are drawing inspiration from classic high-waisted jeans to create a cool and universally flattering look. These jeans are sure to put a laid-back spin on your off-duty look. You can pair them with a comfortable t-shirt for a lazy day or wear them with a fancy top to create a style statement. 

2. A Statement Blazer

What was once a corporate classic has now become a wardrobe essential. Whether you need an extra layer to bring your office look together or an outerwear substitute when it’s not cold enough for a heavy coat, turning to a blazer always works. A blazer is a piece of wardrobe that can never go wrong. You can just throw one on yourself before your Zoom meeting, and no one would notice if you didn’t put any effort into your wardrobe. You don’t need to hoard a number of blazers either. Picking one statement blazer is more than enough and will work with almost anything. You can opt for Talbot’s blazers for a chic and trendy look or Ulla Popken for a more relaxed interpretation of this classic piece. 

3. Luxe Sweats

This piece of wardrobe is a direct reflection of the pandemic and the effect it had on the people. Due to being stuck at home, people have started giving comfort their top priority when it comes to dressing. However, some fashion designers and stylists have combined comfort with style to create luxe sweatpants. These are cozy enough to sleep in and stylish enough to wear to an evening party. Luxe sweatpants by Michael Stars and Soft Surroundings can be styled with a simple white tank and coordinating sweater for the perfect winter look in 2021. 

4. A Basic Tank Top

No matter how many t-shirts you own, nothing beats the cool factor of a basic tank top. A tank top is the most lightweight and comfortable piece of clothing, which has stood the test of time in the fashion world. You can pair them up with cool jackets and blazers during winter or rock them with a pair of jeans or skirts during summer. You can even wear them to the gym or wear them under crop tops or slip dresses; the possibilities are endless with tank tops. Nowadays, tank tops come with ultra-thin straps, asymmetrical necklines, and various other designs, which make them a must-have in your closet. Ribbed Tank Tops and RacerBack Tanks are some of the must-have tank tops in 2021. 

5. Combat Boots

Have you wondered why everyone from Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin to Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba have all been spotted wearing combat boots from time to time? It’s because these chunky shoes are as chic as they are practical. Combats boots are one of those accessories that will always stay in style and are undoubtedly one of this season’s most definitive designs. They compliment everything from the jeans-and-blazer combo to oversized knits and diaphanous dresses to micro-minis. Vagabond Lace-Up Boots or anything from Dr. Martens would be a great investment that would last you a long time. If you are pairing your combat boots with blue denim jeans, make sure to tuck the jeans in for a fail-safe stylish trick. 

6. Grab Bag Clutch

This oversized clutch comes in buttery-soft styles, giving it much more function as compared to the traditional evening clutches. These are the perfect addition to your all-black ensembles or any evening look while providing you with sufficient space to carry all your necessities. The generous amount of space and proportion of these clutches make them a great way to add an edge to your everyday look. The clutches from Brahmin, Overland, and Travel Smith are the perfect addition to any look or wardrobe. 

7. Gold Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, gold never goes out of style. And the last year was the perfect example of this as this fashion accessory dominated our social network feeds. So if you haven’t jumped on the trend yet, it’s never too late. Put on a pair of chunky earrings for your virtual dates or Zoom happy hours, or add a cute ear cuff to add a bling to your face while going out. In fact, a croissant-shaped ear cuff is the most effortless accessory out there and can easily become the one piece of jewelry you wear all the time. 

The important thing to remember while shopping this year is that things are still very unpredictable. Therefore, you don’t want to invest in something that will go out of style in a few months, as you may never get a chance to wear it at all. Instead, opt for clothing and accessories that will remain stylish for a long time so that you can wear them whenever you get the chance to.