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Pet Medicines - from Heartgard for dogs to Advantage for more

Find quality vet meds such as Advantage for cats, and Heartgard for dogs at prices vets love. Plus find pet food, pet grooming supplies, meds for arthritis or joint pain and more at Vet Med Direct.

What's Inside:
  • Heartgard for dogs and cats - They fill our hearts with love, we need to do our best to protect theirs. Stock up on Heartgard for dogs and cats - the monthly heartworm preventative to prevent canine and feline heartworm disease. Choose tasty Heartgard Plus chewables based on your pet's size and weight.

  • Advantage for cats - Find a selection of Advantage flea and tick medication for cats as well as man's best friend! Order a year's supply of Advantage for cats and say hello to a year of being completely flea free.

  • Advantage for dogs - Vet Med Direct is the pet medicine store to rely on if your Golden Retriever has got a nasty flea problem. Featuring Advantage for dogs flea medicine that kills 98% to 100% of fleas within 24 hours!

  • Arthritis and joint care - Just like humans, when pets get older their old bones don't perform like they used to. Bring some relief to your pets with meds featuring natural and safe remedies for pain due to arthritis and sore joints. From anti-inflammatory supplements to Cosequin capsules to maintain healthy joints, if your pets could talk they'd thank you for keeping their arthritis and joints in check.

  • Dog grooming supplies - Turn your home into a doggie or kitty spa with a full line of shampoos, colognes and perfumes, clippers and blades, nail trimmers, shed enders, brushes, and even cute little bows to compliment those snazzy pet hairstyles!

  • Frontline for dogs and cats - Pet catalogs are filled with flea and tick programs. The choice is yours with Frontline or Frontline plus for dogs and cats. Frontline effectively targets all stages of fleas for a happier pet, and a happier you.

  • Wormers - Worms aren't fun. They're especially not fun for the dogs or cats that have them. Consider Vet Med Direct your personal online vet delivering dog wormer, cat wormer, even horse wormer medications right to your door. Say goodbye to worms forever, unless you're going fishing!

  • Pet food - Once your pet is in perfect health, they'll be starving with a healthy appetite! Find the best brands of dog or cat food to maintain your pet's perfect health. From Science Diet dog food and Royal Canin dog food, to Hill's Prescription Diet and Kasco cat food, you'll find food fit for a King Charles Cavalier!
If you're looking for a pet vitamin or supplement, Advantage for cats, Heartgard for dogs, cosequin capsules, feline or canine vaccines or other pet meds to get your unhappy pet feeling like their old selves, count on Vet Med Direct pet supply catalogs for the same high quality, name brand pet medicine your vet prescribes but at a much lower price every day.