Rock 'N' Pooches

Puppy clothes and fun dog outfits that'll keep your pooches Rockin

You love your puppy. So why do you let him or her run around naked all day long without clothes? It's time to outfit your best friend with puppy clothes and dog outfits that totally rock the doghouse! At Rock 'N' Pooches, you'll find boutiqiue quality puppy and dog clothes at wholesale prices. Find super small dog clothes for your teacup dogs and small breeds that will make them the star of the dog show!

  • Puppy clothes - How much are those puppy clothes in the window? Find the most precious collection of dog outfits and pet clothes.

    What's Inside:
    Choose from small dog clothes from hip shirts and blouses to camouflage pants and jeans with suspenders. Whatever look you're going for, you'll find a selection of frilly dresses and dog clothes that will make him or her the prettiest pooch on the block!

  • Dog hoodies - There's nothing cooler than a rockin' hoodie dawg, so hook your dog up with trendy dog hoodies and dog jackets to keep them cool while they're staying warm! These doggie clothes are hotter than anything Snoop Dog has in his closet! Choose from pink or blue hood sweatshirts that feature a pull string hood plus tiny ear openings so Fido can hear you when you tell him to come, roll over or play dead. In these doggy clothes, your pooch will be more of a hot dog than a Dachshund!

  • Dog dresses - Get your puppy all dressed up with somewhere to go with a stunning selection of sweet doggie dresses! Let Fifi go all fancy paws with layers and layers of pink polka dot ruffles, or play it casual with a denim jean jumper or jean skirt for dogs. If you have a Scottie, she'll love a little plaid jumper that shows off her Scottish heritage! For clothes that'll get her noticed, you've never seen puppy clothing as feminine as this!

  • Dog coats - Winter will be here in no time, don't leave your puppy dog out in the cold. Set your mini dogs up with mini dog coats that top the perfect winter dog outfits! Perfect clothes to keep the tiniest of tea cup dogs toasty, choose from embroidered denim jackets, rugged camo dog coats, or dress her up in a fluffy pink quilted hooded coat and call her Zsa Zsa. Rock 'N' Pooches' dog coats also feature detachable hoods and black faux fur trim so your puppy dog doesn't have to worry about any trouble with PETA!

  • Pet Cetera - You've filled your shopping cart up with puppy clothes, but the shopping has only begun! Besides Rock 'N' Pooches sparkling selection of wholesale fashionable doggie clothes, you'll also find personalized doggie bone treats that can be printed with your puppy's name, company logo, or pick up pet supplies fashion harness dresses that come attached to a 4 inch leash! Plus, pet themed stationary that features the cutest Chihuahuas, Pekinese, Pomeranians and Poodles ever put on paper!
For a special dog lover gift, or to spruce up your pet's winter, spring, summer or fall wardrobe, find the small puppy clothes that will rock your pooches' world. Sit. Stay. Shop…only at Rock 'N' Pooches. Get the best boutique quality dog clothes and puppy clothes at wholesale prices. Puppy and Dog clothes from Rock 'N' Pooches are guaranteed to please.