Terminal Tackle Co

The best fishing tackle catalog - lures, hooks, sinker molds and more

Find everything you need to reel in the big ones at one of the most complete fishing tackle catalogs online. It features all kinds of fishing accessories for sale from sinker molds to fishing line, including a full line of the best fishing lures on the market.

They sell everything from shark fishing lines to fly tying materials including:

  • Fishing Hooks - Choose from the top manufacturers including Mustad, VMC, Gamakatsu and Eagle Claw fishing hooks, in all styles and sizes.

    What's Inside:
    Find jig fishing hooks, circle hooks, deep-sea hooks, fly and trout hooks, bait hooks and much more.

  • Sinker Molds - Tired of losing sinkers? Cast your own sinkers and jig heads with a high quality mold and led melting equipment. They sell fishing sinker molds that can cast all weights from a simple egg sinker to more complex lead sinkers.

  • Fishing Snaps and Swivels - Find a complete selection of fishing swivels, snaps and accessories, from sliding fish finders to brass swivels.

  • Fishing Lures - Choose from a selection of the best fishing lures on the market, like Rebel, Rapala and more! They have surf lures, top-water lures, minnows, deep divers, soft lures and many more.

  • Fishing Lines - Terminal tackle sells a large variety of fishing line including stainless steel and wire leader for shark fishing.

  • Fishing Rigs and Jigs - From bay fishing rigs to deep sea rigs they have a whole assortment of the best fishing rigs and jigs available. Find cod fishing rigs, snapper fishing rigs, trout jigs, bucktails, and much more!

  • Fly Fishing Supplies - Find fly tying supplies, lures and accessories for the fly fishermen.

Terminal Tackle has all the fishing equipment and accessories you need for a great day on the water. Visit them today and enjoy their wide selection of fishing supplies, lures, lines and tackle.