Sunglass Sunrise

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Aviator, polarized, sport and designer fashion sunglass styles, at discount prices that are made in the shade.

What's Inside:
  • Fashion Sunglasses - Whether you're going for South beach chic or haute in the Hamptons, Sunglass Sunrise is your go-to online sunglass store, featuring all of the hottest sun wear styles on the horizon, with sleek fashion sunglasses for men and women. From cat eye to floral frames, oversized to rimless sport, you'll find the most popular and attractive styles available, featured at equally attractive prices.

  • Polarized - Shield your eyes during high glare situations with polarized sunglasses that are a must have accessory for any outdoor enthusiast. Hit the beach, lake, or ski slopes with polarized discount sunglasses for him, her or in unisex styles that will suit you both while keeping the sun and reflected light surfaces from damaging and discomforting your eyes.

  • Aviator Sunglasses - Always a top choice in the fashion sunglass scene, decades and decades have proven that aviator sunglasses will never go out of style. Go incognito with the shades that have been around since the 1930's, with an assortment of aviators that range from vintage retro to modern crystal and animal print styles, with colored lenses and styles for both men and women.

  • Sport - No matter if you're a fan of fly fishing, football, tennis or the track, you'll discover a wide range of all purpose sport sunglasses that will protect your peepers while you engage in all of your favorite sports or outdoor activities. Choose from stylish, affordable and durable discount sunglasses with sporty styles that fit conveniently under a cap, hat or visor, featuring rimless lenses, lightweight frames, comfy nose pieces and the ultimate UV protection.

  • Computer & Gaming Glasses - Get your game on with hi-tech glasses that are designed to improve your gaming and overall cyber experience. Say goodbye to the blurred vision, headaches, tired, itchy, and watery eyes that come from staring at a screen or monitor all day and hello to increased visual acuity and reduced glare thanks to Sunglass Sunrise's SheaDog glasses. Absorb glare and harmful blue and violet light rays with innovative Melanin glasses that protect your eyes from major damage. Best of all? You'll always enjoy fashion sunglasses and specs that are far from geeky with cool contemporary styles available for hip guys and gals.

  • Eyeglass & Sunglass Accessories - Keep your sunglasses and eyeglasses safe and scratch-free with stylish eyeglass and sunglass cases that come in a wide range of styles, patterns and colors. From soft cases to hard cases, pocket cases to laser engraved cases and garden pouches, you'll even find a chic case to stash your contacts. Keep your glasses well within reach with designer eyeglass jewelry, featuring chain eyeglass holders and hang ups that add a bit of bling while keeping your glasses around your neck where they belong.
The Sunglass Sunrise online sunglass store has enjoyed over 25 years in the optical industry, specializing in fashion sunglasses and eyewear styles for men and women at prices that will allow you to splurge on more than just one pair.