Westport Big & Tall

Great looks for big and tall men - men's XL clothes that fit

Stylish men's big and tall clothes from today's top designers - that's what you'll find in the Westport Big and Tall shop. This is not just men's XL clothing. They have the looks you want, tailored just for men like you. Choose from:

  • Clothes for the office - When it comes to dressing for work, you want big and tall men's clothing that looks professional and feels comfortable.

    What's Inside:
    From dress slacks and sport coats to men's XL shirts and suits, they understand professional men's large clothing needs.

  • Casual looks for the weekend - Enjoy your weekends in comfort and style with casual wear made for men who need a little more. Their selection of men's XL shirts for the weekend includes classic polos from Cutter & Buck, big and tall t-shirts from Tommy Bahama, Russell and casual pants and jeans from Nautica, Ralph Lauren and Joseph Abboud.

  • Outerwear to stave off the elements - Stay warm and dry in designer outerwear that keeps you covered right down to your wrists. No more too short sleeves on raincoats or jackets. This is big and tall men's clothing made to fit men who need a longer sleeve, or more length in a coat.

  • Men's big and tall clothes for men on the move - Whether you swim, run, bicycle or work out at the gym, you need men's XL clothing that works for you through all your activities. They have shorts that fit, men's XL shirts and extra tall shirts that keep you covered, and sweatpants that let you move in comfort.

  • Big and tall mens underwear - You'll be more comfortable underneath your men's tall clothes and larger clothes when you start with underwear made for guys like you. Non-binding waistbands, longer legs and a more generous cut means a comfortable fit no matter what your day brings.
When you want the best in designer men's big and tall clothes, let Westport Big and Tall show you the clothes made just for discriminating men like you.