Shape FX

Slimming apparel - minimize every flaw with women's shape wear and clothing

If you're a woman who has ever asked herself "What should I wear for my body shape?", the answer is simple. Shape FX offers the most beautiful styles of women's shape wear designs and slimming apparel that enhances any and every body shape.

What's Inside:
  • Slimming apparel - Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to perfection with slimming apparel that makes your tummy shrink right before your very eyes! From tummy slimming pants to shaper shorts and pencil skirts both long and mid-length, you'll find a closet of high waisted women's shape wear pieces to choose from, all guaranteed to produce lovely, hourglass silhouettes.

  • Women's shape wear - Whether you need women's shape wear for lovehandles, to reshape your rear, slim your tummy, minimize those hips, support or enhance your bust, or to slim all over, Shape FX has got you covered, literally. Featuring their breakthrough FX slimming apparel design, their hidden power-mesh control panels instantly smooth and sculpt, giving you the body and silhouette you've always dreamed of. No bulges on Shape FX's watch!

  • Slimming dresses - Find the perfect LBD's (that's little black dresses) that will minimize every flaw, no matter how big or small. Find slimming dresses in a variety of gorgeous colors and styles from mock neck to sweetheart neck, sheaths to tubes, shirred waists to zip-fronts, pencil to sweater dresses, you'll find the bulge control dresses and body shaping apparel that will keep you looking seamless while covering a multitude of body shape sins.

  • Women's bodysuit shape wear - When it comes to sexy slimming apparel for women, you can't get any sexier than a bodysuit. Whether you're looking for casual slimming clothing or a sexy evening look, wrap yourself up in a sexy shirt bodysuit featuring a sleeveless turtleneck, V-neck, bateau neck, scoop neck, twist-front, control blouse, camisole bodysuit and more flattering women's shape wear styles. Suit up in one of Shape FX's all-over control bodysuits for a slimmer figure, all over.

  • Style tips - Still confused about what to wear and what not to wear? On top of their fabulous collection of slimming apparel you'll find personalized recommendations targeted for your specific body shape from the Shape FX experts! Full on top? Fuller on bottom? Living with a feminine hourglass figure? Whether you're curveless or full-figured all over, Shape FX has got the tips and figure enhancing secrets that will get you looking smoother, sleeker and sexier in seconds!
Get in Shape without every setting foot in a gym with slimming apparel and women's shape wear from Shape FX, designed to make the body you have look like the body you want.