Long Elegant Legs

Elegant clothes for tall elegant women

Shopping for clothes for tall women just got easier. Long Elegant Legs offers beautiful clothing for women graced with above average height, in sizes from 4 to 22. Choose from:

  • Tall women's pants - With inseams up to 39" in length, they have the tall women's slacks, jeans and active wear pants you want in the sizes and lengths you need.

  • Tops, blouses and tunics - For tall women, clothing websites that promise extra length usually don't offer smaller sizes.

    What's Inside:
    Long Elegant Legs knows that tall women come in all sizes, so their tops and blouses come in sizes to fit all over. Choose from casual tees, business wear, or classic tunics for the right look day or evening.

  • Jackets and coats - Stay warm this winter with coats and jackets that cover you in cozy warmth right down to your wrists. Browse their tall ladies clothing catalog for winter coats and jackets that fit as great as they look.

  • Womens pajamas and robes - You'll feel wonderful all night long in their robes, nightgowns and pajamas. Rest easy in nightwear designed for your height - no more midcalf long gowns or pajama sleeves that stop halfway. These are night clothes for tall women like you.

  • Skirts and dresses - From soft and flirty to sleek and tailored, their collection includes dresses and skirts made just for you.

  • Large sized women's shoes - Long Elegant Legs also features the larger sizes of shoes tall ladies need, up to womens size 13 shoes in many styles.

For tall women, clothing can become a nightmare. Sleeves are too short, pant legs stop above the ankle and finding a nightgown that actually reaches the floor can seem impossible.

And for slender tall women, clothing websites and stores that advertise tall sizes often start with too large for their shoulders, waist or hips, making it even harder to find clothes that fit and flatter. That's why Long Elegant Legs offers tall women's clothes in a wide range of sizes to fit all the beautiful tall women out there.

For the most elegant tall women's clothing, check out the tall women clothing catalog created just for you.