United Displays of America

Display your favorite collectibles with beautiful wood display tables, coin and flag display cases Made in America

United Displays of America brings you display tables made by our country's finest craftsmen. Revel in elegant flag display cases and coin display cases combined with solid cherry wood furniture pieces made in America and that make you feel proud to be an American.

What's Inside:
  • Flag display cases - If you or a loved one has served in our nation's military, you'll want to honor them with flag tables and display cases that are specifically designed to showcase "Old Glory" as well as prized medals, service ribbons, and other US Military mementos. Show your patriotism with a stunning selection of flag display cases while exhibiting your loyalty to our great country.

  • Coin display cases - Challenge Coins have become the number one souvenir collectable for the U.S. military. Officers award these coins to soldier for on the spot recognition. House your challenge coins in coin display cases that celebrate your recognition all year round. For military branch medallions or US mint coins, display those valuable coins in a safe and secure display case, truly worth it's weight in gold.

  • Bible glass display - Why keep the good book tucked away in a drawer when you can display your bible in gorgeous, solid Pennysylvania cherry wood display case or table? Turn the page to your favorite bible passage for all eyes to see. Choose a side end display table to fill a smaller room or den, or larger display tables to display more than one book.

  • Display furniture - For a table display that will impress your family, friends and guests, United Displays of America offers high quality, well designed and well crafted furniture that serves an added purpose - highlighting your favorite items. Find glass topped display tables in a variety of sizes featuring solid brass hardware, multistep finishing and solid drawer sides with dovetailed joinery. Expert craftmanship that is 100% American made, that is the United Displays of Americas promise.

  • Sports card displays -You've collected baseball cards since you were a kid. Keep that priceless Babe Ruth card from collecting dust with display tables that highlight your sports heroes to perfection. No need to stop at baseball cards, show off track and field medals, special sporting event tickets or the winning catcher's mitt you caught that winning fly ball in.
You should be proud of your accomplishments. From Boy Scout badges to graduation caps and gowns, bibles to bridal keepsakes, take pride in your trophies and precious mementos while displaying them for loved ones to view and revel in your greatest achievements. From flag display cases to a handsome coin display box table, display everything that matters to you with a table from United Displays of America.