How to keep cats out of your garden

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Make your garden a little less comfortable for cats
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Keeping cats out of a garden by creating a cat-free gardening space

Maybe you have your own furry feline friend, or perhaps your neighbor has one.  No matter how much we like our cats, they tend to stop being cuddly and cute once they start destroying the garden.  Just because the cats roam outside doesn't mean that they need to be taking a detour through your beloved plants. Luckily there are ways to let your cat know he should stay away--or keep the neighbor's cat out.  Here are a few simple ideas for keeping cats out of a garden.

Create a cat area:

If it's your cat who you want to keep out of the garden, maybe simply giving him his own area can do the trick.  Cats love fresh dirt, not only to use as their own person bathroom, but also as an area to play and roll around in.  Create a small area away from your plants for your cat to have his own space.  Try planting some cat-enticing plants such as cat nip.  This will help persuade your cat to go into this more accessible area and leave your plants alone.

Add some new plants:

Just like there are plants to entice your cat into a different area, so too are there plants to keep them away.  Cats hate the smell of rue, lemon thyme, and lavender to name a few.  Try planting these in different areas of your garden for help in keeping cats out of a garden.  These plants can add a nice accent to your garden as well as keep unwanted felines away.

Commercial repellents:

For stubborn cats, a commercial repellent may be helpful in keeping them out of the garden. pet supply retailers offer sprays that contain an indoor/outdoor repellent. Sprays can be applied directly to shrubs, or to decorative elements in your garden. Often, sprays are most effective used in combination with other methods of discouraging cats from frequenting your garden. Commercial products need frequent re-application.

Sprinkle some potpourri:

If cats are still giving you trouble, try sprinkling citrus rinds throughout your garden.  Just like the plants mentioned above, cats hate the smell of citrus fruits.  Grinding up some rinds and putting them around your plants will not only not be noticeable, but can also add some nutrients to your soil.

Use water:

If all else fails, try giving the bothersome cat a quick squirt from a hose or a spray bottle.  Cats aren't dumb animals, and can be trained.  If you continually spray a cat whenever he comes into your garden, he will learn to stay away.  He will associate your garden with the unpleasant experience of getting wet.  Something which will definitely keep him away from your plants.

Check your yard:

If you have any bird feeders in or around your garden, cats may be attracted by the birds.  Try moving your bird feeders to a higher distance from the ground, or moving them out of your garden completely.

Keeping cats out of your garden can be easier than you'd think.  With some simple steps and a little training you can enjoy your garden without worrying about your or your neighbor's cat coming in. 

Keeping cats out of the garden
How to keep cats out of your garden

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