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Here are some ideas for finding luxurious gift items.

What makes a gift luxurious? Is it a designer tag or an outrageously high price? The answer is neither, for a gift is luxurious only when it is something the receiver would not ordinarily buy for him or herself because they consider it too expensive. The range is wide open when it comes to ideas for luxurious gift items.  One person's indulgence is not necessarily another's and whether you are searching for an extravagant gift for home such as etched champagne glasses or a personal adornment such as jewelry, the choices are endless as long as your pockets are deep.

Some times luxurious gift items are not of the long lasting kind. For the gourmand who has everything, for example, edible gold leaf chocolates or gold-flecked lollipops for that special lady make an opulent and indulgent, not to mention highly suggestive present.

 What are some criteria for selecting luxurious gift items?

1- Get to know the likes and dislikes of the person who is to receive your gift.

A cruise for someone who is afraid of water or who gets seasick or a new set of golf clubs for someone who doesn't play golf may be costly luxurious gift items, but they are not likely to be used or even appreciated. Take the time to know what they like and what they don't. Luxury gifts require care and effort, not only because you are paying a lot of money but also because you are choosing it for someone important in your life.

2- Shop around for luxurious gift ideas.

Take a walk around a shopping center or spend time cruising online before buying the gift, even if you have something specific in mind.  This will expand your horizons and give you many ideas for exotic luxury gifts.

3- Consider customized luxury gift ideas
A personalized gift, such as monogrammed (and maybe even autographed) set of golf clubs for that Tiger Woods wanna be or that special trip to a place where he or she has always wanted to go, is always a winner as it is chosen exclusively for him or her and is customized to suit an individual's unique taste. There is no way a customized luxury gift can fail to be appreciated.

4- Take the time to do some research on likes and dislikes.
Try to get hints from your conversations as to what the person would like to get as a luxury gift item. A person's special interests and/or hobbies can give you many clues. Develop a strategy, as you don't want to appear obvious with your questions about luxury gift items. Also, remember the answers; you may not hear what you expected or wanted to hear but this gift isn't for you, is it?

5- Consider giving gift cards and certificates.
Many times a gift card or certificate can be the perfect luxury gift item. Some people don't like surprises and get much more enjoyment out of buying something extravagant and savoring the time it took to decide. Grant that wish for those so inclined.

With the holidays not quite just  around the corner, shopping for that perfect luxury for your loved one's Christmas stocking can be carefully considered as time is on your side. The key to selecting the best luxury gift items for the important people in your life involves a commodity more expensive than cash; namely the time and effort required to discover what they would really enjoy, whether it is big or small, and buying that especially for them.

Keep these tips in minds and you can never lose on your quest to finding the best luxury gift items for your loved ones.

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