Where to find art gifts from Boston

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Edward Hopper lighthouse
Make a New Englander smile with an Edward Hopper print
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Art gifts from Boston are within reach wherever you are in the country

Home to the Museum of Fine Art, The Institute of Contemporary Art, and countless galleries and craft boutiques, Boston is filled with art. If you want to spend a day studying masterpieces up close or checking out some of the most exciting contemporary artists working today, this is the city for you.

When it’s time to find an artsy New England present for someone special on your list, you know where to go. Then again, this is a big city with much to choose from. How do you begin to narrow the field? And what if your heart is set on holiday shopping in the city, but weather or other factors prevent you from getting there?

To find art gifts from Boston, you only need an Internet connection. While not quite as exciting as visiting in person, strolling along the Charles River after breakfast and grabbing a cup of chowda for lunch, shopping online is a simple way to find fantastic gifts. Get into shopping mode with a cup of soup, put on your Red Sox hat, prop up your feet and see what your favorite stores have to offer this season.

Museum stores

As you may know, art lovers have eclectic taste and many enjoy a good surprise. The gift shops affiliated with museums and fine art institutions curate their inventory to suit such tastes. Art prints are only the beginning of what they have to offer.

For younger creative types, you’ll find games, puzzles and toys with an artistic twist. Those from the area may enjoy New England-inspired pottery, books and clothing. And who wouldn’t appreciate a journal, mug, tie or other useful item featuring a favorite masterpiece?

These gift shops are huge draws for tourists who want to bring home a piece of the city’s artistic side. What many looking to find art gifts from Boston don’t realize is that these same items are available online as well, sometimes even at a discount! To find these stores, go to a museum’s website and click on the “Store” or “Shop” button.

Holiday Market in Downtown Crossing

Shopping in Boston is a blast. The city hosts a holiday market throughout the holiday season. It’s open seven days a week on Summer Street in Downtown Crossing. Here you can find art gifts from Boston, as well as handcrafted jewelry, home accessories and ornaments. Next time you’re holiday shopping in the city, be sure to stop by this festive outdoor market.

SoWa Holiday Market

Artists and independent makers from all over New England converge at the SoWa Holiday Market. This is open for one weekend each holiday season, usually in mid December, at the Benjamin Franklin Institute. This is an excellent place to find affordable art.

When shopping here, ask the vendor if they’re the artist or can tell you anything about the artist. Hold on to their business card and any information they give you and be sure to wrap it up with the present. Your recipient will appreciate hearing the story and any information about a new-to-them artist. And if they love the piece, they’ll know where to find more.

Shopping on a budget

Waiting until the last minute won’t leave you with many opportunities to save money. When possible, give yourself a few weeks to gift shop so you can take advantage of sales. Go to your favorite museum sites and sign up for their newsletter to receive special discounts.

If you’re shopping in person don’t be shy about asking if there are any deals. At first glance, the prices at holiday markets are often pretty high. Sometimes a vendor will lower the price if you purchase multiple items, which should help cross multiple people off your list.

Whether you’re filling a cart with Boston art from the comfort of home or in person, you’re bound to find a gift your loved one will adore.

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