How to lose ten pounds in 3 months

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You can lose 10 pounds in time for that big wedding or special reunion, and create a new you
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There's no magic formula to weight loss, but these steps can help

Your best friend's wedding is coming up in a few months, and she's chosen a beautiful dress for her bridesmaids.  Slinky, form fitting. Something that will show every curve. Unfortunately, you have some curves and bumps you'd rather didn't show! 

So how can you slim down and make that gown look great? By following these simple guidelines, you'll discover how to lose ten pounds in 3 months, and tone at the same time. 

Get moving Sounds simple, but one of the hardest things for most people to do is give up that time in front of the tube and get active. Start with something you love; this is not the time to take on any activity you feel is a chore. Invest in a pedometer, a new tennis outfit, or a great new swimsuit and jump into a more active lifestyle. Start small, and add a little more every day. Your calorie burn will go up, and the pounds will start to drop off.

Cut out the junk Sure, it's just a can of soda, but did you know that it probably contain almost 16 teaspoons of sugar? And that innocent looking bag of cookies from the office vending machine? You might be surprised to find that the nutritional information on the back is for only half the bag!  If you finish it off, you're getting double the calories and fat.  Check out your neighborhood Whole Foods Market or other natural food store for low fat, healthier alternatives like fruit waters and high fiber low fat cookies. 

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