How to build a wardrobe with timeless style

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Tips to build a wardrobe with timeless style

Tips to build a wardrobe with timeless style

How a person presents themselves to the world says a lot ? far more than many of us realize. Whether you?re interviewing for a job, going on a first date or pitching a big idea to a room full of peers, a stylish outfit will provide a much appreciated confidence boost.

Trends come and are already on their way out the door before many of us have a chance to take them for a test drive. Trying to stay on top of what?s “in” is a perpetual chase. Meanwhile, you?re spending money on yesterday?s styles and none of it feels quite like you.

Fashion should be fun, not frustrating. There?s always room for a trendy piece here and there. But if you want to be able to reach into your closet and blindly pull out great outfits ? it?s time to build a wardrobe with timeless style.

When to invest

New clothes, especially trendy ones, are always tempting on the eyes and often cruel on the budget. Spend money on clothes strategically. Rather than splurging on a dress that you?ll wear for a month or two, invest in quality staples that?ll last for years. 


The beauty of timeless pieces

Those perfectly faded jeans, go-to tees and slip-on flats are like a best friend. They?re there when you need a chic casual outfit because they?ll never go out of style. These staples are the foundation to a stylish wardrobe. 

As you update with a few seasonal items and accessories, these classic pieces will bring your signature style to every outfit. To build a wardrobe with timeless style, start with these building blocks:

Fitted jeans

Once you find your pair of jeans, the pair that feels like it was made for your body, stock up on them! They should hug the hips and not pinch or slide when you sit or bend over. The possibilities of what to wear with blue jeans are endless – with any top, on dates and to any casual event.

White tee

An extremely soft, fitted white tee is where it all begins. Regardless of personal style, every closet has room for this most classic of staples. Everyone looks good in a lived-in white tee. They?re also extremely versatile ? wear it with jeans, skirts, trousers or under a blazer.

Little black dress

A little black dress in the closet is a luxury every woman deserves. With this you always have something to wear that?s sharp and stylish. Make sure it?s not too short, too tight or to low cut. Try a classic sleeveless, knee-length sheath cut ? they look good on all body types.

White or neutral button-down dress shirt

This crisp number will polish up any ensemble from jeans and sandals with a sweater on top, to a skirt or slacks. It?s a go-to for many professionals and academics. 

Wrap dress

Sexy and simple, a wrap dress is basically always the right answer. The flattering silhouette is killer plus it?s comfortable. A quality one, say from Diane von Furstenberg, is absolutely worth the investment. Comb through eBay and other fashion sites and you may pick one up for a steal.


A few playful accessories will round-out your closet. Ankle boots and nude flats straddle the line between dressy and casual. Cool sunglasses, black pumps, a pretty lightweight scarf and a colorful cross-body bag should cover most of your needs.


As you browse trends, consider what?s missing from your staples. Pick up a black leather jacket to add some edge, a long boho skirt for some urban cool or an over-sized sweater for when you?ve just got to be comfortable.

You can build a wardrobe with timeless style and still look current. Trends are fun as long as you?re not constantly trying to rebuild your closet around them.