How to make the most comfortable bed in the world

Sleep better tonight!

Sleep better tonight!

What could be better at the end of a long, hard day than the most comfortable bed in the world? The answer ? nothing! There are many ways to enliven your nighttime sanctuary and some of the best are listed below. Try one or try them all ? the key is to make your bed a place you look forward to each night.

Start at the beginning

The mattress is your foundation for a good night?s rest. If yours is more than eight years old or if you?re waking up in pain, it?s probably a good time to replace it. Do some online research and go to the stores to try out the different options. There is no one-size-fits-all perfect mattress for everyone. So be sure to get the one that feels right to you, not one that a store is trying to convince you to buy. Once you have your mattress, it?s time to build up the cozy and comfy factors.

Add a mattress pad

Mattress pads can take an already comfortable mattress and make it luxurious. Thick, fluffy covers protect your mattress investment while adding a layer of cushion. Some pads include memory foam, to give your spine some added support.

Time for sheets

There are many different kinds of fabrics to choose from when it comes to sheets. Look for ones that feel good the touch and have a pattern that fits with your design style. If you tend to be cold at night, consider flannel sheets for added warmth. Silk feels wonderful against the skin, but can be slippery. Cotton and cotton blends are the most popular and come in a variety of thread counts. Usually, the higher the count ? which is the number of threads per square inch ? the better the sheet. This is true if it?s made of a good quality, single ply thread. Two or more ply threads tend to break down faster and the sheets won?t last as long. 

Layer up

Placing a thin quilt or blanket on top of your sheets lets you regulate your body temperature through the night. Too warm? Toss off the comforter and snuggle into slumber with your sheet and blanket. Too cold? Pull up the comforter for added warmth.

Top it off

A cozy comforter or plush duvet top off your bed. Duvets are nice because the covers are interchangeable, letting you update your style as often as you like. For added luxury, go for a down filled comforter ? it?s like being wrapped up in a cloud. For those with down allergies, there are many non-down options available that provide plush luxury without flaring up your allergy. 

Pillow talk

Have at least 2 standard size pillows on each side of the bed, at a minimum. From there, you can add cuddly body pillows and a variety of throw pillows. Having multiple sizes and textures to choose from lets you express your personal style. Arranging your pillows so you can sit up comfortably make your next Netflix-in-bed binge that much more comfortable.


Other additions

Big, fluffy throw blankets make naptime more enjoyable ? especially if you don?t want to mess the covers by getting all the way into the bed. These blankets make the bed look more inviting, too. To further help make your bed the most comfortable, consider adding a couple of more things to your sleep space. A furry throw rug next to the bed adds to the comfy factor, especially when you step out of bed in the morning. Bedside lights are great because you don?t have to leave your cozy nest to turn off an overhead light. There are even remote control ceiling fans that let you stay where you are while adjusting them.

With all this information, think about what really makes you comfortable when you go to bed. Build up on that knowledge to put together the bed of your dreams.