personalized giftsContributed by
Lindsay Shugerman

It’s easy to walk into a store and pick out a gift. People do it every day. But there’s just something special about adding personalization to a gift — that extra touch takes it from ordinary to special.

But it doesn’t work for everything. There are some things that are better choices for adding monograms or names. Here’s my take on the best personalized Christmas gifts for everyone on your list.

Show off a classic pet

Classic images, custom text

Everyone knows their pet is something extra-special. So why not show off the best of breed with a classic sketch and your custom words, all in a classic work of art? This idea brings together the style of the old masters with your description or sentiment to create art that will have everyone wondering just how famous Fido might be!

Create a custom logo for Christmas

Treat family, friends to a themed custom t-shirt

best of personalized Christmas gifts t shirts

Welcome friends and family to your annual Christmas party with a personalized t-shirt featuring your family name, or the names of each family member and guest. As little at $16.00 a shirt will get you your favorite style (what a great chance to get your friends in silly shirts!), and the names you want. Each gift will be more than just a t-shirt…it’ll be a memory of the fun (or embarrassing moments!) they had at your party.

Deck the tree with special names

Personalized ornaments make your Christmas shine

best of personalized Christmas gifts ornaments

I know, I know. So many “personalized” ornaments are are tacky. But they don’t have to be, and something like this is the proof.

No sparkly glitter pens or Sharpie marker names here. You can find everything from adorable plush sock monkey ornaments to choices by profession, family size, dog breed, and so, so much more! These are personalized gifts your friends and family will use on their trees year after year instead of oh-so-casually dropping into that give-away box.

Personalized collar keeps pets safe

Leave noisy tags behind forever!

best of personalized Christmas dog collars

Picture this. It’s late at night. Your friends or family members are sound alseep. And suddenly their dog jumps up, and shakes her head. And the noise from the tags wakes everyone, right? And that can happen night after night.

So how much of a hero would you be if you gave your friends’ dog a new, custom made collar with their ID information built right into the collar itself! No more midnight jingles. They sleep. You are the star who found the solution! Ready, set, order, and be a hero by New Years Day!

Not your mother’s pet rock

Engraved rocks carry messages, images

best of personalized Christmas gifts engraved rocks

You’ve all seen those little inspiration rocks by the cash registers in gift shops, right? Well, these are not anything like those. Rock-It Creations doesn’t sell cheap painted rocks. They sell engraved markers that are worthy of memorializing a special person or pet.

They also sell custom engraved small stones with messages and/or images, making them perfect for tucking into a Christmas stocking and sharing a special message of love, commitment, family or friendship (or even a subtle mention of that weekend in Vegas, if you’re so inclined!)

Monogrammed jewelry

From one letter to a special message

personalized pearl necklace

Jewelry that includes the lucky gift recipient’s initials, name or a special message is always perfect for the holidays. A double strand of pearls with a monogrammed charm from The Paragon will melt a heart and be a cherished holiday gift. This is a wonderful idea for a milestone, like your first – or tenth – Christmas together, or as a first gift for a new mother-in-law.

Engraved crystal memories

A gift that becomes an heirloom

things remembered photo engraved crystal

Create a new family tradition that transforms photos into sparkling heirlooms. Holiday photos, family portraits, wedding photos or graduation snapshots make wonderful crystal mementos that will be cherished by the family for generations. These have the sparkle to earn a place in the china cabinet, or to take their place in the center of your holiday mantel arrangement.

Oprah’s favorite soaps

Engraved spa luxury


There is a reason the personalized spa soaps make Oprah’s list of favorites. Select the perfect scent and combination of pampering ingredients, add a monogram and these lovely soaps make the perfect gift for everyone on your gift list. This is a little bit of luxury that will last long after the holidays.