Contributed by David Galassi, Info Guru

The Chicago style hot dog is an institution. It is unlike the hot dogs consumed in New York, Boston or Philadelphia. And certainly not any avocado-laden creation from L.A.

For the real Chicagoan, born and raised, there is only one way to compose that work of culinary art known as the “Chicago style hot dog.”

Here are the MUSTS for your Windy City tube steak, in order of assembly, NOT of importance. There are no substitutions.

10. The Dog

Vienna brand all beef hot dog. Set in boiling water long enough to heat only.

9. The Bun

Mary Ann Bakery poppy seeded hot dog bun. Steamed to warm the bun — not grilled or toasted.

8. Mustard

Plain old yellow mustard from end to end. NO KETCHUP.

7. Relish

Dill Pickle relish. Yes, the green one, placed gently into the mustard.

6. Onion

Vidalia yellow onion. Diced/chopped and set on top of the relish.

5. Cucumber

A cucumber 1/4 slice with the skin left on.

4. Sport peppers

Little pointed hotties cured in vinegar with a taste that’s more than just “hot.” Let ’em squirt.

3. Tomato slices

Hot house beefsteaks sliced into wedges. Tuck two thick slices, skin up, into the edge of the bun.

2. Celery salt

Sprinkled gently over the whole dog and condiment creation.

1. French fries

Pile the fries on top of your hot dog creation. Eat them separately, but there won’t be enough room in your hands for any tidy arrangement of sandwich and sides. Idaho russets, fresh sliced and cooked in cottonseed and canola oil, make the best fries. Sprinkled with salt.

Wrap your Chicago-style hot dog in wax paper or place in a hot dog paper boat. Even if you are eating this at home, forget the china. A paper plate folded in half will work in a pinch. Enjoy!