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Top 10 Piano Love Songs

By Editorial Staff

One of the top ten piano love songsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

For the musically challenged, playing an instrument is one of those things that will never be understood; it just is.

Doing it well, well enough to make a Top 10 list that is, further separates the haves from the have-nots.

Tin ear or no, the lack of musical talent doesn’t preclude a person from appreciating those that have it. And here are some of the best, the top ten piano love songs.

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10. Endless Love

One of the top ten piano love songs

Okay, the first thing people always think about when they see this title is the cheesy Brooke Shields flick. If you’re able to squeeze that picture out of your mind and simply listen to this Diana Ross and Lionel Richie duet, I think you’ll agree it’s one of the great piano love songs around. If it weren’t for that damn movie …

9. Faithfully

One of the top ten piano love songs

At the height of their powers in the early ‘80’s, it didn’t seem like any band could touch what Journey was doing. Packed stadiums and instant number #1 albums was the norm. Intermingled in all that was this number from drummer Jonathan Cain. Jonathan wrote it, but props have to go out to Steve Perry for taking it up like a rocket.

8. How Do I Live

One of the top ten piano love songs

LeAnn Rimes, it must be said, is a freak of nature. That girl’s been able to warble and hit notes like nobody’s business since she was 8 years old or something. Sort of like a musical idiot savant, sans the idiot part. Her remake of the great old Diane Warren hit was spot on; an easy inclusion on our list of piano love songs.

7. Mandy

One of the top ten piano love songs

I know, no one likes Barry Manilow; never have, never will. Oddly though, everyone knows who he is and he’s sold millions of records (those were the discs they used to sell before CDs), but no one will fess up to actually buying it. On top of Barry’s cheesy persona, he could write a song like no other and tickle the ivories with the best of them.

6. I Will Always Love You

One of the top ten piano love songs

Like her or not, when Whitney was Whitney (pre-train wreck) that girl could belt them out, no doubt about it. Her voice combined with a perfectly played piano was a recipe for an instant hit. When she scales the operatic heights of this love song, it’ll give you chills.

5. I Got You Babe

One of the top ten piano love songs

Who can forget that amusement park sounding piano beat that permeates this classic. For those who haven’t been around quite as long as some of us, this was Sonny and Cher’s calling card long after both went their separate ways; Sonny to Palm Springs as Mayor and Cher to every plastic surgeon’s office in the known universe.

4. Always On My Mind

One of the top ten piano love songs

Before taxes became a problem and Willie started doing concerts as much to pay the bills as to entertain, his piano-laden version of Always on My Mind inspired country and non-country folk alike. Like a lot of great love songs, there’s tinge of sadness in this one that Willie hits right on the proverbial melon.

3. Lean on Me

One of the top ten piano love songs

Not necessarily one of your traditional piano love songs this is, nonetheless, a fantastic song. Bill Withers never got it more right than he did on this number one hit from ’72. This should be a national anthem like tune for churches everywhere; it just has the Amen! Amen! feel to it the ardent churchgoer seems to love.

2. Imagine

One of the top ten piano love songs

The decision came down to this; Paul’s piano-laden hit is a pure love song, hands down. John’s Imagine is more of a love anthem for the human race, placing it at #2 on our list. I know, pretty lame but how do you choose between these two? Answer, you rationalize it away with convoluted logic and a coin toss.

1. Maybe I’m Amazed

One of the top ten piano love songs

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Paul, Paul, Paul; he’s a never-ending source of spectacular music, surpassed only by his ability to write killer piano love songs. Made popular when the song was featured on his (and wife Linda’s) Wings’ Tour of America album, it oozes McCartney-like soul easily making this a slam-dunk list topper.


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