Top 10 Public Safety Jobs

A list of the top ten public safety jobsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Thanks goodness for our public safety folk; there seems to be more weirdos than ever nowadays.

Could be we just hear more about them with never-ending news channels and the internet bombarding us with data, but I’m pretty sure there are more weirdos too.

Now matter how you slice it, it’s nice to know there are people dedicated to giving us a hand when we need one. With that, let’s take a look at the top ten public safety jobs.

10. Campus Security

A list of the top ten public safety jobs

Usually woefully underpaid, these men and women protect both people and property on our Nation’s college campuses. Unfortunately, there is altogether too much crime at Universities, which would be even worse if it weren’t for the campus coppers. These folks are almost always willing to go above and beyond the call too. Walking students to and from night courses, investigating creepy looking guys just cuz’ they’re creepy looking and tracking down stolen goods.

9. Health Inspector

A list of the top ten public safety jobs

Often the last person a restaurant owner wants to see, and first person us patrons should thank for clean, hygienic kitchen and dining areas. I know when I sit down for an overpriced meal I take solace in the fact there’s a real good chance I won’t die of food poisoning. And that just plain feels good.

8. Corrections Officer

A list of the top ten public safety jobs

Many of the aforementioned weirdos are exactly where they belong, behind bars. And anybody that devotes their professional life to ensuring they stay there is more than okay in my book and certainly deserves to be on a list of top public safety jobs.

7. Transportation Inspector

A list of the top ten public safety jobs

At one time or another most all of us have jumped on a bus or train. We usually don’t give much thought to malfunctions or derailments, and that’s a good thing. These are the folks that make sure things stay that way; safe and secure.

6. FBI Agent

A list of the top ten public safety jobs

Tracking down the ultimate bad guys is one the public safety jobs we all benefit from. As is the case with so many of our public servants, these men and women don’t seem to earn nearly what they should. With all of the education and training required just to become an agent, then the dangerous situations they find themselves in protecting us, seems like they’d be able to make a decent living. I guess it can’t be all bad though, they never seem to run out of suits and cool shades to wear; and those things can get spendy.

5. 911 Operators

A list of the top ten public safety jobs

This must be one of the toughest, most thankless public safety jobs on our list. No one considers the trials and tribulations these folks go through, until they’re needed that is. Then they (somehow) calmly handle even the most delicate of situations with a control the majority of us can only dream about. And for the guy that calls these overworked professionals to ask what time it is? You should forever forfeit all rights to protection from any and all public safety workers for the remainder of your ridiculous life.

4. EMT

A list of the top ten public safety jobs

What a combination of skills these professionals have. On the one hand, they’re fireman and on the other darn near full-fledged doctors. Even the skills necessary pale in comparison to the constitution they must have. Arriving onto the scene of an accident or other serious mishap and dealing with what they see puts shivers up my spine. Thank goodness there are EMT’s out there stronger than me.

3. National Guard

A list of the top ten public safety jobs

The people enlisted in the National Guard make our list of top public safety jobs for a couple of reason. One, they’re only called in domestically when things get way out of control. If they have a job to do, you know its going to be a hairy one. And as if that weren’t enough, when push comes to shove they’re sent off to war to protect our freedom. That’s the ultimate double duty.

2. Police Officer

A list of the top ten public safety jobs

For day-to-day danger in the protection of us, worthy or not, it’s tough to imagine a job more important than that of a police officer. Thankfully most days consist of coffee, doughnuts and writing out speeding tickets. The thing is, it’s impossible to know if that same day is going to turn out dramatically different. Walking into a life-threatening situation to protect us from the weirdos. To Peace Officers everywhere; well played.

1. Fireman

A list of the top ten public safety jobs

In psychology there’s what is referred to as the fight or flight syndrome. This is our natural tendencies when faced with dangerous or scary situations. Me? I’m a flight guy. Show me a large, burning building or other structure and I’m out. I’d like to think I’m not alone in this, but even if I am, I’m still out. The men and women who make up our country’s fire departments are, thankfully, of the fight ilk. Running into a burning home or building to one, make sure everyone is out and getting them to safety if they’re not and two, preventing the fire from causing more damage takes a special someone. And if that weren’t enough, they have the coolest uniforms ever.

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