Tropical Fish Store

Breathtakingly beautiful aquariums for your home or office

For the finest choices in quality acrylic aquariums for the home or office, you need the Tropical Fish Store.

What's Inside:
  • Custom built aquariums - Custom aquariums can add a whole new experience to your home, office or commercial building. Each of their custom made acrylic aquariums is designed to best enhance your space. With custom built aquariums, you know you're getting exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail.

  • Acrylic see thru fish tanks - Enjoy the pleasure of SeaClear three dimensional view fish aquariums. These beautiful acrylic fish tanks provide you with an unobstructed view from all angles. And unlike all glass aquariums, they are lightweight and easy to move.

  • Coffee table fish tank - Add a conversation piece to your home or waiting room with a fish tank coffee table combination. Each comes complete with bottom-up lighting, a stand, and under-gravel pumps.

  • Wall mount, column and tower aquariums - Whether you're looking for fresh or salt water fish tanks, they have exciting and unique options in shape and placement from Tenecor Aquariums, Aqua Vista and BiUbe. Consider wall mounted aquariums for office or apartment, or dramatic seamless tower aquariums for homes, lobbies and commercial settings.

  • Fish tank stands - Display your new aquarium on a sturdy yet stylish Tenecor aquarium stand. Choose the style and color that coordinates with your décor for the perfect accent to your home or office.

  • Tank lighting systems - The people at the Tropical Fish Store will help you select the right lighting system to illuminate and accent your aquarium. Or use their online chart to determine the amount and type of lighting your tank needs.

  • Professional quality aquarium supplies - Keep your tank clear and healthy with professional cleaning supplies designed for larger acrylic aquariums.

Whether you're looking for a small acrylic tank for your home, or want to find large custom saltwater aquariums for sale, the Tropical Fish Store has the perfect aquarium for your unique space.