Care Apparel

Clothing, footwear and accessories for seniors and handicapped adults

A full range of senior clothes and accessories from womens flannel pajamas and muu muus to footwear for the elderly.

What's Inside:

  • Casual senior clothes - From twill pants to dress shirts and house dresses, you'll find a range of senior citizen clothing at Care Apparel. Each garment is designed with the senior in mind to give extra comfort and the option of back-snap designs. You can even buy dress socks, blouses, dresses or casual mens shirts.

  • Muu Muus and Dusters - For the senior who wants to look good and stay comfortable, this senior clothing catalog has a large selection of floral pattern dusters and polyester Muu Muus. They are designed for comfortable wear in or out of the house and come in a range of colors and sizes.

  • Senior mens and womens pajamas - Choose from a range of elderly pajamas including womens flannel pajamas, cotton slips, womens nightgowns, mens night shirt, and night wear for the elderly. They come in both traditional and easy-dress solutions with back-snap designs for comfort and security.

  • Orthopedic shoes for the elderly - This senior daily living products catalog offers a range of senior citizen shoes that are easy to put on and comfortable to wear. From traditional slipper socks with no-skid traction to soft, comforting slippers for edema patients that help reduce the symptoms and causes of swollen feet.

  • Sizing information and clothing tips - If you are living with elderly parents or caring for an elderly person, this website offers sizing charts and helpful tips and advice that will guide you. There is information that will help you choose the right clothes for a retirement home or facility stay, advice for dressing seniors with special needs and much more. It is a great catalog for the professional or amateur home care provider.
If you are caring for a senior or handicapped loved one at home, or provide care and assistance for others, Care Apparel will become your best resource for helpful products and advice.