Swim To Win

Swim suits for people who swim to win - from Speedo to Nike

Swim to Win brings quality men's and women's swimwear to people who know swimming. Check out their collection of swim suits and accessories.

What's Inside:
  • Men's and Women's swimsuits - The right swimwear makes all the difference in the water. Choose women's two-piece swimming suits for ease of movement, or one piece women's swimwear if you prefer a sleeker line or just a more modest swimsuit. Choose from quality names like Tyr, Nike, EQ and Speedo swim suits.

  • Swim goggles - Choose the right swim goggles for your swimming or diving needs from the best brands in the business, including Aquasphere, Barracuda, Nike, Hind and Speedo. Swimmers who usually need glasses will appreciate their unique corrective lenses for better underwater and poolside vision. Choose your level of correction for each eye for a custom fit.

  • Swim caps - Improve your speed in the water with sleek Lycra, Latex or Silicone swim caps. Or select an insulated Barracuda swim cap for cold water locations.

  • Swim fins - Increase the efficiency of every kick with the right swim fins. Choose the style that's right for your swimming style, from fitness to competition, in one piece or split fin designs.

  • Sandals - Keep your footing at poolside or just stay cool all summer long with durable, comfortable Keen, Reef or Teva sandals in a wide variety of sizes and styles for men, women and children.

  • Mens swimwear - You won't have to worry about your suit when you shop for mens swimsuits at Swim to Win. They have the styles you need for training, diving, competition or ocean swimming from Nike, Tyr. EQ and Speedo swim suits.

From Nike and Speedo swimsuits to fins, caps, kick boards, swim goggles and snorkels, Swim to Win has the stuff serious swimmers need.