jonano - eco chic collections

Eco fabulous hemp, bamboo and natural fiber clothing that will get you noticed

Inspired by nature, at jonano - eco chic collections you'll find the most stylishly elegant collections of organic fashions for both women and babies. Hemp clothing, Bamboo clothing and organic clothes made of other natural fibers come together to create earth friendly clothing as well as stunning, head turning looks.

  • Natural fiber clothing - Fashion that breathes with you, jonano brings you natural, organic cotton clothing that not only looks good, but feels luxurious.

    What's Inside:
    Not to mention how good you'll feel knowing you're taking one step towards a healthier environment. Silky soft bamboo sweaters, sleek long leggings, heavenly angel dresses and sumptuous funnel necks for Fall are only the beginning. Natural organic clothing that highlights clean lines, tonal colors, and classical silhouettes with a distinctly modern and youthful sensibility, that's jonano.

  • Hemp clothing - Featuring natural fiber clothing made of Hemp Linen that is similar in feel and weight to high quality linen. Naturally UV protective, hemp clothes have a wearability and texture that makes them the naturally organic choice. Choose Mia Pants tailored of luxurious 100% Hemp Linen with a refined drape and remarkable strength that will stand the test of time. With an airy relaxed fit, roomy hip pockets and a sateen drawstring tie, you'll want to fill your closet with a pair of hemp pants in every one of jonano's lovely tonal colors.

  • Bamboo clothing - When it comes to Bamboo clothing collections, jonano's trademark bamboo ecoKashmere fabrics are known for their buttery soft cashmere feel without the extreme cashmere cost. Known for being naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, Bamboo fabric also features moisture absorption fibers and natural UV protection that is easy to care for. From bandeau skirt/dresses to V neck cardigans, be Bamboo fabulous in jonano's exquisite bamboo designs.

  • Eco scrubs - Featuring natural eco clothing for work as well as play, find eco nursing scrubs for your next shift at the hospital. Mix and match with ecoKashmere Bamboo basics for complimentary streamlined silhouettes. Hemp linen with satin accents makes the Mia Collections extra special while putting the "fun" in functional. Whether on the job, or lounging around the house during the weekend, find a handsome pair of fresh Eco scrubs with a remarkable strength you'll enjoy for years.

  • Organic baby clothes - If you want a healthy world for your baby to grow up in, you can start by dressing your precious little ones in organic baby clothing and designer baby clothes that are actually good for the environment. From baby boy clothes to baby girl clothes, shop the Sami Baby collection for soft, ringspun Bamboo ecoKashmere onesies, tees, hats and socks and that will kiss your baby's delicate skin while keeping it free from nasty pollutants.

  • Wholesale clothing - Shop jonano organic stores for organic apparel wholesale for your store. Fill your boutique with organic cotton women's clothes your customers will fawn over. For cutting edge natural fabrics and designer styles at wholesale prices, fill your shelves and racks with organic wrap tops, drape skirts, bamboo hoodies, yoga gear and the most comfortable clothing pieces your customers will ever try on.
Whether you are shopping for an entirely new eco-friendly wardrobe of natural fiber clothing, hemp clothing or ultra cool baby clothes for your new bundle of joy. For wholesale apparel made of the most exquisite organic fabrics, enjoy soft, sustainable style only at jonano.