Horny Toad Activewear

Comfortable active wear for your adventurous life

Approach life's adventures in the comfortable clothing of Horny Toad, a truly unique clothing store.

  • Find eco friendly fashion for an active lifestyle - There's lots of boring drab eco clothing to go around - but not at Horny Toad. You'll find plenty of women's organic clothes like t-shirts and comfy dresses (and stuff for guys too), made from organic cottons and styled with your comfort and good taste in mind.

    What's Inside:

  • Choose from plenty of women's activewear - You're healthy and active - but don't want to sport yoga pants 24-7. For you, there's a nice selection of comfortable clothing that you can turn to again and again without getting bored with your wardrobe, from plush, soft women's fleece jackets or women's fleece pants in Cashmoore™, to sporty dresses like the Mali for warmer weather.

  • Support an outdoor apparel catalog with a community behind it - Don't just buy clothes; be part of the Horny Toad community. Become a Citizen Toad and get special discounts, pre-sale announcements and interaction with fellow Toads, including Horny Toad staff members who embrace the active lifestyle too. Really! This standout in outdoor clothing stores was just recognized by Outside Magazine as one of the best places to work! And you can get to know some of the faces behind the scenes at their site, with recommendations from staff members on their personal faves from the treasure trove of men's and women's active wear.

  • Get fleeced - No, you're not being taken for a ride. But if you're going on a ride yourself and it's cold, there's nowhere better to find the warmest most supple fleece outerwear for men and women. The Skye, a women's fleece vest, is incredibly soft and a great bet for spring or fall, or choose from several women's fleece jackets to stay toasty all over. The men's active wear collection includes a choice selection of cool weather outdoor apparel and gear too.

  • Every day is an adventure - Other outdoor clothing stores may just sell clothes, but at Horny Toad, they live in them - which is why staff members have faves that they can recommend. How cool to get an inside perspective on your outside apparel and gear from people who live in them just the way you will.
Dress for your lifestyle at Horny Toad.