Indulge in silk bedding and cozy down comforters

Luxury bedding is an indulgence you deserve. Select from the finest comforter sets and contemporary bedding, including:

  • Light yet warm luxury comforters -- Bedtime will be a joy when you have a SuperComfort high loft goose down comforter or other cozy bed comforters filled with silk or Eiderdown. All of their comforters provide exceptional warmth without the weight of synthetic bedding.

    What's Inside:

  • Ensemble comforter sets -- From twin size to California king size comforters sets, they have the perfect luxury comforter sets for anyone who appreciates fine bed linens. Each ensemble is available with a matching comforter, duvet cover, sheets and pillowcase for a completely coordinated look in your bedroom.

  • Duvet covers -- Protect your silk or down comforters with silky, luxury duvet covers. Choose the unmatched beauty and softness of 100% silk duvet covers, or the natural feel of a 100% cotton comforter cover. Either way, you can protect your silk and down comforters while adding beautiful color and style to any decor.

  • Silk sheets and blankets -- Silk is the ultimate standard in pure luxury bed sets. Slip into the softness of 100% silk sheets, then rest your head on cool, soothing silk pillowcases. Add a soft silk blanket or throw, or wrap yourself in the amazing softness of a silk Dream Sack. Silk bedding is warmer in winter and cooler in summer than traditional linens, so you'll sleep in comfort all year round.

  • Pillow your head in comfort -- From the firm support of a Hungarian goose down pillow to the luxury of silk, they have pillows to cradle you in comfort all night long.

  • Baby bedding -- Share the comfort of silk with your little one when you select silk linens as soft as they are. Select a silk blanket or comforter set, and your baby will drift off to sleep dreams in cozy comfort.

Indulge yourself with fine bedding from Their comforters and pillows help you to sleep better and wake more refreshed. They pride themselves on quality at an affordable discount price on premium down comforters, silk sheets, feather beds and pillows. Choose the king size comforters sets, queen comforter sets, double, twin and crib sets that suit your sleep needs -- treat yourself to beautiful bedding from Super Comfort today.