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Personalized & beautiful pet grave markers and other engraved rocks for your garden, unique gift or pet memorial.
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Free Shipping on all engraved rock orders
Free Shipping on all engraved rock orders
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Rock- It Creations 2022 Coupon Codes

Looking for a way to beautify your personal space or the living areas in your home? Do you want to improve the landscaping or decorate your gardens with something different, yet natural? Are there memories you cherish and you literally want to be deeply etched in stone? Memories of a loved one, a pet, or an event? Are you running out of ideas on what to give someone as a gift on their special occasion? 

If you’ve been asking any of these questions, congratulations, you have found your answer; Rock-It Creations

With the Rock-It Creations catalog, you can get personalized & beautifully engraved rocks to use for whatever you choose. All engraved rocks are not created equal! Rock-It Creations catalog showcases these one-of-a-kind engraved river stone keepsakes. 

Top-quality engraved stones from the Rock-It Creations catalog make wonderfully unique gifts, garden decorations, pet grave markers, and welcome signs. A truly unusual gift idea, an artistically engraved natural stone deeply touches people. Be rest assured that Rock-It Creations takes the necessary time and care to ensure that their products will look beautiful and stand the test of time.

About Rock-It Creations 

Rock It Creations Logo

Rock-It Creations started engraving natural stones in 1996. Ever since then, they have been providing the highest quality engraving on the highest quality stones. They know what it takes to create fine quality engraved stone keepsakes that are worth holding onto forever. Their attention to every detail is what sets them apart from the competition and the fact that they always deeply engrave their stones as close to perfection as possible. One close look is all it should take you to see the difference.

Rock-It Creations has always been committed to providing high quality at the best prices. They take pride in putting their all into engraving beautiful natural river stones for their customers. They do not cut corners in achieving perfection in each of their expertly handcrafted stones.

Rock-It Creations uses a sandblasting or sand carving process that has typically been used in the headstone and monument industry for several years. They do this using real stones in their products, not ‘fake’ resin cast or molded stones. They go to great lengths to hand-select premium river rocks from several parts of the country. 

It is their ability to take extra time in selecting materials and engraving them that makes them different from the competition and makes their products second to none in quality. You can view all of the services they provide in the Rock-It Creations catalog.

Custom Engraved Stones 

Rock-It Creations take the art of natural stone engraving to new levels. Every custom engraved stone from the Rock-It Creations catalog is designed to make a statement. The quality and craftsmanship in every engraved stone is truly unmatched. 

Rock-It Creations provides a service that allows you to choose the words and images you want to be engraved into the stone. You have several choices ranging from simple to complex; a simple engraved stone with only the word welcome, or a stone engraved with your family’s name(s) and a mountain scene, wildlife, flowers, or anything else that suits your fancy. 

After you’ve made your choice, they use their experience and expertise to develop a layout of your engraving design and send it to you for review and approval. After that, they engrave your design perfectly into the stone.

These engraved stones can serve different purposes; as a gift, as a welcome stone for your residence, or anything else. Whatever the use may be, a Rock-It Creations engraved stone is sure to last.

Standard Engraved Stones 

Asides from the custom engraved stones that Rock-It Creations offers, they also offer standard engraved stones. To get a standard engraved stone, you can choose any image from the Rock-It Creations catalog or any single word to be engraved. Once you make your choice and it is verified, you’ll have it engraved into a fine-quality river stone. 

These stones are hand-selected sourced from some of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Rock-It Creations only use top-quality stones that have passed their exceptional standards of quality. Each rock varies in shape and color and your requirements are matched directly to their stone inventory. 

Most of these rocks have subtle hues of whites, greys, reds, browns, and greens. When placing your order, you can indicate if you have a particular color preference.

Garden Stones 

Creating and designing a beautiful garden requires lots of imagination, work, and a few unique personal touches. Gardeners are special people who enjoy the satisfaction and fulfillment of their labors of gardening love. Beautifully engraved river rocks act as unique garden art and they enhance the appeal of any garden area that they occupy. 

A finely crafted Rock-It Creations engraved garden stone will be the focal point of wonder and amazement. River stones are the perfect medium for engraved garden art as they are 100% natural and smoothed over the millennia by Mother Nature herself. 

From small engraved stones, strategically placed around by the caring gardener, to more complex arrangements of words or graphics, engraved garden stones are the perfect garden accents. They add a special effect to your gardens. 

By using diverse engraved rocks in different areas of your garden space, you can create a feeling of peace and tranquility. You may choose to identify your plants and trees with simple engraved stone markers or even dedicate individual trees and plants to beloved friends and family members. 

Landscaping Stones 

Engraved landscaping stones are a lot like engraved garden stones. However, they are slightly less limited by the area in which you can place them. Personalized landscaping stones tend to be somewhat larger in their general size, given that they may be more spread out or stand-alone more when compared to other engraved stone art pieces. 

You can engrave your landscaping stones with your address numbers large enough to be seen from a distance, with or without engraved graphics or accents. You can also place larger engraved stones at the end of, or along driveways or by entrances to make bold and permanent statements. 

Family names, or other words, engraved into beautifully natural river stones, are an excellent way to accentuate entryways or destinations within your landscaping. Destinations may be picnic or sitting areas where a natural engraved rock will add a wonderful element of décor. A beautifully engraved natural river stone placed in your landscape setting can also serve as a great conversation piece. 

Engraved river rocks will compliment any outdoor setting because they are beautiful and natural.

Memorial Stones

Memorial Stones 

Rock-It Creations also specialize in making beautifully engraved memorial stones, expertly handcrafted from natural river stones. This is a service they take very seriously because they understand how important they are to you. It is very difficult to lose those close to us and the feelings of despair can be crushing. 

A beautifully hand-crafted memorial stone truly does help with closure. Rock-It Creations pour their hearts, souls, and expertise in fine stone engraving into every memorial stone created. With extraordinary care and many years of experience, they take your expressions of love, beauty, passion, and perhaps humor, and carve them deep into the highest quality memorial stones available anywhere. 

Rock-It Creation’s fine quality stone engraving skill is combined with only the highest quality natural river stones that can be found. The result of this combination is stunningly beautiful memorial stones that captivate and touch one’s soul. They are truly keepsakes that are worth holding onto forever.  

Pet Memorial Stones

Pet Memorial Stones 

The Rock-It Creations catalog showcases the Pet Memorial Stones to honor, celebrate, and remember the companions you loved. The passing of a pet can trigger deep feelings of sadness and loss. 

Finely hand-crafted pet memorial stones are a perfect way to commemorate the lives of your beloved pets. Extraordinary care is what makes Rock-It Creations’ fine quality, handcrafted, engraved pet memorials, and pet grave markers so deeply moving. Personalized engraved rivers stones perfectly fit the sad occasion of pet loss. They truly do help with the healing and closure process.

These top-quality personalized engraved pet memorial stones are perfect monuments to remind you of your beloved pets. Expertly and deeply carved into only the most beautiful natural hand-picked river stones, these unique engraved pet stones are of a fine quality that truly cannot be beaten. 

Special Occasions

Special Occasions 

There are many events and occasions throughout the year that require you to buy gifts for people or even yourself. When you are looking for a gift for a special occasion, you need to look no further than through a Rock-It Creations catalog. 

Personalized engraved stones from Rock-It Creations really make an impact. They let people know that they matter and you put some thought and creativity into choosing the gift for their special occasion. What’s more? Rock-It Creations’ custom engraved stones offer true heirloom quality and they will last several generations. 

Not only is each river stone itself one of a kind, but your customized engraving design will also make it an even more unique gift for any special occasion. Beautifully hand-crafted, personalized engraved river stones by Rock-It Creations are sure to be a hit as a proposal stone, a wedding stone, or an anniversary stone. 

Any special occasion or milestone is an opportunity to give expertly engraved gift stones with a permanent message to those you care about.

Wedding Stones

Wedding Stones 

Engraved wedding stones are another one of Rock-It Creation’s specialties. Wedding gifts are some of the hardest gifts to buy. Rock-It Creation’s engraved wedding gifts are guaranteed to be 100% unique and durable, unlike most gifts that the bride and groom receive. 

The engraved stone will last essentially forever, just as the vows of the wedded couple. What better way to commemorate one of life’s most important events than to engrave it in stone. 

Rock-It Creation’s beautifully engraved wedding stones are the right choice if you are looking to impress the newlyweds in a very deep and touching manner. 

You will leave them in awe when they hold their engraved stone, and see their names so deeply engraved into their own one-of-a-kind natural river stone. If you want to give a gift that will last forever, then a fine quality engraved wedding stone from the Rock-It Creations catalog is what you need.

Unique Gifts

Unique Gifts 

Almost everyone finds themselves looking for a unique personalized gift now and again. Check out the Rock-It Creations Catalog if you are looking for a wonderful unique gift idea. There are several events and occasions throughout the year when a special gift of an engraved stone is certain to be a hit. 

There are rarely other gifts that will last as long as a finely engraved natural river stone from Rock-It Creations. Achievements worthy of being recognized are also worthy of being deeply engraved in stone. 

Rock-It Creations do not merely “etch” onto the surface of the stone, they engrave deeply into the stone, as close to perfection as they can get. There is truly an art to their deep stone engraving and no etched stone in the world can match up to the quality of the stones they make or to their fine engraving expertise. 

Gift Certificates 

Rock-It Creations catalog offers gift certificates that you can send to a loved one to allow them to order a personalized engraved stone created to their specifications. Knowing exactly what that person wants to be engraved into the river stone may be difficult. So, you can just send them a gift certificate, of any amount you choose, and leave them to figure out what they would like to have engraved into their own river stone. 

They would appreciate your thoughtfulness, care, and love. They would also be thrilled when they receive their personalized, expertly engraved stone.

While nothing lasts forever, these engraved river stones are sure to stand the test of time and last for many generations. Just as the engraved stones last essentially forever, the gift certificates never expire. This allows for the careful, unrushed consideration of the recipient in choosing what they want.

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