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Uniforms and scrubs

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Today's medical professional can make their rounds in fashionable uniforms.

Every time you go to the doctor or dentist, there is the familiar and reassuring sight of doctors and nurses dressed in traditional health care attire. In the fast-paced work environment of the medical field, their attire is a symbol of professionalism and cleanliness. For today's health care professional, uniforms and scrubs are much more than standard attire for surgeries and procedures. They are about comfort, style and function. Scrubs no longer come in a one color - one size fits all, but come in a variety of colors and prints to match the health care professional's personality.

Florence Nightingale
The traditional nursing uniform was actually derived from a nun's habit. It consisted of a white dress, apron and cap (think Florence Nightingale) and was the standard wear for nurses until around the 1940's. Eventually open neck uniforms and white disposable caps replaced the traditional cotton caps. It was in the 1990's that scrubs (originally white, blue or green) came on the scene. Today with their vast array of color choices and styles, scrubs are as much a statement as they are functional.   

Stylish designs and colors

Stylish choices in uniforms and scrubs have come along way since their original design. Typically cotton for maximum comfort, wrinkle free and durable, these uniforms come in an array of upbeat fashion. Here are some of the latest fashion trends for scrubs:

Print Scrub Tops - Bold, colorful prints and patterns. Choose tops that feature a holiday theme, colorful, multi-sized circles and orbs, animal themes, roses or even camo! Whatever your fancy may be, today's uniforms and scrubs let you express yourself.

Scrub Pants - With the wide range of pant bottoms to choose to wear with scrub tops, it is hard to know where to begin. Choose scrubs that have drawstring waists, elastic waists, flare leg bottoms, cuff leg bottoms and cargo pants. All cotton and comfortable, scrub pants come in many styles and provide maximum mobility for daily tasks.

There are many advantages and benefits to wearing comfort fitting uniforms and scrubs. Whether you are a health care professional in a hospital, clinic or office setting, the advantages of modern scrubs are numerous.

Wash and wear. Easy care cotton blends, make modern uniforms a natural choice. They are comfortable, breathable, wrinkle-free and ready to wear right out of the dryer.  

The community easily identifies medical staff. Uniforms and scrubs take the guesswork out of knowing who the health care professionals are. 

More comfortable and flexible than a traditional nursing uniform. Separate top and pants set give the medical attendant more freedom in movement. The traditional white dress could limit the duties and tasks often performed by today's nurse.

Doctors and nurses are more approachable with colorful attire. Cheery colors and prints have a much more positive effect of patients and help to relieve their anxiety.

Uniforms have come a long way from the stark white nursing dress to colorful, expressional scrubs. Scrubs give medical professionals a choice in style and color while maintaining professionalism. The easy care, cotton blend material allows for comfort and mobility for health care workers in an ever-demanding medical field.  

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